Buy new version iQOS 3 / iQos 3.0 Multi Devices set from Japan

News New version, iQos 3 / iQos 3 Multi is available from 15th November, 2018 Good news to iQos users who is worrying using delicate iQos 2.4 plus (icos) Finally next generation model of iQos was announced! Its name is "iQos 3" and "iQos Multi" (continuous smokable model) . For search keywords (iqos 3, iqos3, iqos 3.0, iqos3.0, iqos v3, iqosv3, iqos v3.0, iqos 3 multi, iqos multi) Start selling nine iqos stores and online iqos store from November 15, 2018 in Japan, and this will be main stream device in 2019. 2 New types of iQos 3 devices (previous versionRead more