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Buy iQOS heat sticks heatstics marlboro HEETS from Japan

iqos heatsticks marlboro

You can get a quote quickly from here. Get Quote Now with simple Form Below iQos Marlboro heatsticks : 9 flavors available (14th May 2020) iQos Marlboro Heatsticks inquiry form 從日本購買iQos, 加熱棒, heets, 萬寶路 iQos heatsticks HEETS : 6 flavors available (14th May 2020) Frost Green Fresh Emerald Clear Silver Cool Jade Balanced Yellow Deep Bronze iQos HEETS Heatsticks inquiry form 加熱棒, heets, 從日本購買, iQos, 萬寶路

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Buy new version iQOS 3 / iQos 3.0 Multi Devices set from Japan

News New version, iQos 3 / iQos 3 Multi is available from 15th November, 2018 Good news to iQos users who is worrying using delicate iQos 2.4 plus (icos) Finally next generation model of iQos was announced! Its name is "iQos 3" and "iQos Multi" (continuous smokable model) . For search keywords (iqos 3, iqos3, iqos 3.0, iqos3.0, iqos v3, iqosv3, iqos v3.0, iqos 3 multi, iqos multi) Start selling nine iqos stores and online iqos store from November 15, 2018 in Japan, and this will be main stream device in 2019. 2 New types of iQos 3 devices (previous versionRead more

New flavor heatsticks, smooth regular, purple menthol iqos

iqos heatsticks new flavors buy
on 4/18th 2017, New Flavors for iQos released in normal stores. New iQos heatsticks Flavors available now : Smooth Regular Improved smooth feeling compared with Blue Regular flavor, and added slight nuts flavor. And lowered bitter taste on the tongue after smoke. Purple Menthol Blueberry flavor and menthol. Good for Menthol lover, and someone who likes fruity flavor. It's like a blueberry chewing gum. Both new flavor available now ! For new flavors, we are currently preparing new request form, so please use normal form below, or please add message that you'd like to Smooth Regular / Purple Menthol. Send usRead more

Buy iQOS heat sticks / iQOS Devices from Japan

iqos heatsticks marlboro
from October 1st 2018, price of heatsticks will be changed (more expensive) by government decision. Our price will be remain same till the end of September, but from October, we have to change price. 7 flavors available now. (form is only for 4 basic flavors, so please send us message when you'd like to order new flavors) Regular flavor (Blue) Balanced Regular flavor (light Blue) Menthol flavor (Green) Mint flavor (light Green) Purple menthol flavor (Purple) Smooth regular flavor (Silver) Yellow menthol flavor (Yellow) Limited offer, will be in effect only while the campaign supplies last. Send us request throughRead more