Possibility plug in water to “爆買 physician” … China tariff increases 2016 04 May 10, 03 hours 23 minutes – The Yomiuri Shimbun

Possibility plug in water to “爆買physician” … China is 23 pm tariffs 04 May 10, 2016 03 The Yomiuri Shimbun A policy to strengthen also imported goods inspection for immigrants, Chinese tourists there is a possibility discourage “爆買physician” to stock up on a lot of home appliances and daily necessities abroad. According to the China Ministry of Finance, the subject is, in the tariffs on personal luggage and mail to immigration, three levels (15 to 60%) from the fourth stage (10 to 50%) of the past … Red light to “爆買doctor”? High salary watches, liquor, cosmetics … forced measures of China’s tariff hike Sankei News 爆買 sudden braking to physicians? = China, customs inspection strengthening or newsletter To raising overseas purchase goods tariffs “爆買physician” measures Mainichi Shimbun Kochishinbun all 13 news articles »

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