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Small article for our service in the Business Times Singapore

the business times

PERSONAL SHOPPER JAPAN Singapore shoppers are the top customers (over 700) in Southeast Asia of this Japanese start-up, says CEO who’s also an antique dealer licensed by the Japanese police department. Top shopping categories are fashion, followed by electric guitars, Japanese car parts, fishing tackles and bike helmets. “As for unusual requests, I’ve had Singapore shoppers asking for the Furo Oke (the wooden Japanese bath tub, and the Namahage tribal festival mask.” The average spend of the Singapore shopper is 16,276 yen (S$203), although the average Hong Konger spends at least twice the amount. Mr Matsuda is an art

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Completed Requests

Completed Requests - ( popular past requests ) -Since 2011, we have been received many requests! Here you can see our past requests. Not all are listed, because we are uploading one by one when we have time. even if you couldn't find your item in our past requests, we can assist you in many cases. please contact us if you would like to ask us. We Have ExperiencePopular Past Requests : – Coming Soon – Currently we are working on NEW design site. Please come back later to see this section. Sorry for inconvenience.Read more

EMS Rate and Delivery Date

EMS (Express Mail Service) Rate and Delivery DaysYou can check rate by AREA and Delivery Days by COUNTRY names. Rate and Delivery Days WeightAsiaOceania, North America, Central America and the Middle EastEuropeSouth America and Africa Up to 500g1,400 yen2,000 yen2,200 yen2,400 yen Up to 600g1,540 yen2,180 yen2,400 yen2,740 yen Up to 700g1,680 yen2,360 yen2,600 yen3,080 yen Up to 800g1,820 yen2,540 yen2,800 yen3,420 yen Up to 900g1,960 yen2,720 yen3,000 yen3,760 yen Up to 1.0kg2,100 yen2,900 yen3,200 yen4,100 yen Up to 1.25kg2,400 yen3,300 yen3,650 yen4,900 yen Up to 1.5kg2,700 yen3,700 yen4,100 yen5,700 yen Up to 1.75kg3,000 yen4,100 yen4,550 yen6,500 yen Up toRead more

EMS Delivery Days

EMS (Express Mail Service) List of Delivery Days Following table shows approximate days required for EMS delivery (from our office). The number of days listed in the table shows the average time required for EMS delivery to the designated destination country or area. Please note that the actual number of delivery days may differ from that listed in the table if the EMS article requires more time for customs clearance or the destination is in a remote area. The number listed in the table only indicates the average time required for normal delivery and does not in any way guaranteeRead more

EMS Rate Estimation

EMS (Express Mail Service) automatic rate calculatorEMS rate depends on the weight of the package. (There's size limitation for the package, but size doesn't affect rate) We don't take any profit from shipping cost , using standard rate of Japan Post. You can also check it using this link, because our shipping cost is same as Japan Post. Or, if you could assume weight of the package, then you can get quote with our online calculation system below. EMS Rate calcuarator Send me my password Your password has been sent by emailMake a payment Pay now :$5Payment could not be madePayRead more

How to Buy from Japan

How to Buy from JapanEasy steps to buy item from Japan and receive at your home. Please note that we'll send you 2 invoices, one is the item cost + service charge, and the other is the international shipping cost. Because we don't take any margin from shipping cost. Any questions welcome !1. Any questions are welcome !2. Estimation of buying cost.3. Please Pay for the buying cost. Please Send us a request with form Please send us a request with some details, images, URLs. Please check e-mail address carefully before submit. As e-mail is the only communication tool for bothRead more

Cost Estimation

Send me my password Your password has been sent by emailMake a payment Pay now :$5Payment could not be madePay now HOW MUCH TO BUY FROM JAPAN ? Estimate the cost of buying service of Personal Shopper Japan. GET STARTED 0$ Thanks, we will contact you soon Buy from one store or multiple stores ? Please input total cost of what you want to buy in a shop. If you would like to buy from one store, then please click here.Not one store ? OK, then click here, and go to next step. 0$You need to select an item toRead more

Worldwide Shipping

Worldwide ShippingWe don't take any margin, so please pay us shipping cost later. Our standard shipping method = EMS, EXPRESS with TRACKING number. We never ship packages without tracking number. Don't make a profit on shipping *EMS stands for Express International shipping by Japan Post We ship WORLDWIDE, mainly using EMSNo profit from shipping costPlease note: We DON’T TAKE any margin from international shipping cost, so we can tell you international shipping cost after received the item. All items are sent through registered post. We never send items without a tracking number. Check Rates Table now !How long will itRead more

Request Form

You Can Buy from Japan Now !You can Buy from any store in Japan / Bid on any auction in Japan. Please tell us what would you like to buy from Japan with the form below, and we'll reply to you as soon as possible, and all FREE. If you cannot use the normal form below, then please use sub form. Send me my password Your password has been sent by emailMake a payment Pay now :$5Payment could not be madePay now Personal Shopper Japan Request Form If you didn’t receive our reply within 24 hours, please Check yourRead more

Our Charge

Our ChargeOur charge is 10% of total item cost. Minimum charge is 1500YEN (for each store) for over 100000 YEN purchase in one store, our charge is discounted to 6%. Standard protection repacking cost is already included in our charge. Use online estimation system6% for over 100000 YENFor easy understandings...ExamplesOur charge calculations for example cases. Example 1  Example 1 Cost of items total = 5600 YEN Domestic shipping = 1200 YEN (Our service charge = 10% = 560 YEN) But, minimum charge is applied = 1500 YEN So, Our charge Total = 1500 YEN Example 2 Cost of items total =Read more


FAQHere are the Question and Answers to our most asked questions. frequently asked questionsHow does your “personal shopper service” work ? Find our Easy to Follow steps below: Contact us through a form and request what you are looking for. Our staff will search internet, auction, and retail store to get best price for you. Our staff will reply you via e-mail, with simple estimation. If you agree with the total fee, send confirmation via e-mail (“BUY”) Our staff will send you Paypal invoice Pay the invoice amount Our staff will buy your item(s) Item(s) will be delivered to our officeRead more