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Request Form

You Can Buy from Japan Now !You can Buy from any store in Japan / Bid on any auction in Japan. Please tell us what would you like to buy from Japan with the form below, and we'll reply to you as soon as possible, and all FREE. If you cannot use the normal form below, then please use sub form. Send me my password Your password has been sent by emailMake a payment Pay now :$5Payment could not be madePay now Personal Shopper Japan Request Form If you didn’t receive our reply within 24 hours, please Check yourRead more

“爆買 doctor” regulations strengthen China, also precedent of imprisonment to the flight attendant – Chinese media – Record China

Record China “爆買doctor” regulations strengthen China, also precedent of imprisonment to the flight attendant – Chinese media Record China The Chinese government has so-called “爆買doctor”, especially while strengthening the cargo to bring in tourists for the purpose of resale. Amid the new tax introduced in April 8 spread view that means the further tightening of regulations, China Daily network took up the Air China flight attendant smuggling case in 2012. The request of the net shop …

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Our customer’s site : Fashion by Unlikely You

Hi, We got request from unique fashion site owner ! a beautiful high heel shoes from UNDERCOVER. Fashion by Unlikely You in this site, you can see a lot of fine tunes of coordinates pictures in fashion. Very good for enhance your fashion quality with outstanding comments posted in her blog. in Japan, there’s many fashion items because there’s 4 seasons in Japan. hope you can find good fashion items in Japan, and of course, we can help you buy in Japan! oh, also BAOBAO bags from Issey Miyake is popular among fashion item request.          

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large / high volume orders

We had following request for large order, for example, Light Bulbs x 400 EFA15EN/12-R             Bento Boxes x 200         Snacks x 200 (chocobi)             Kitkat Green tea flavor x 244           Other request electric parts car parts trading cards we’re accepting request anytime !

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Chocobi 200 for our customer, update 27th November, 2012

Hi, We’re having so many request from customers everywhere in the world – and a bit busy, so no update since 12th October. almost 1.5 month….. sorry for not updating. this time, I’ll introduce our case – 200 chocobi !! Prepared big box and put all chocobi in the box…. check out our picture. not 200 yet… but over 100 chocobi.       Yes, we are always ready to fulfill your shopping request.

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Update, 29th August 2012

Hi, Still we receive many request regarding western dryer… this item is sold out everywhere and no more refill. also – Meiji chocolate house making kit. this item also sold out, and not available now. according to the maker, they will release new version of this item around November. to Indian people, please request us other item than cameras. cameras in Japan is not cheap. if you want cutting-edge new model, then we can find and tell you the price, but common ones are cheaper in India than Japan.

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Kitkat kitkat kitkat – 3rd July 2012

Hi, Kitkat is very popular in Indonesia now. we just got request and bought many kitkat and sent to Indonesia. but – please watch out for melting… kitkats are chocolates. Ninja J

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Introducing our alliance company, “ROSWAY” Japanese jewerly – 9th FEB 2012

Hi, Thank you for visiting us. we usually response to request and buy, but here’s our recommendations. One of our alliance company, ROSWAY has splendid collection of jewelries. (ALL MADE IN JAPAN and super high quality) So we introduce their product in this post. ROSWAY is based in TOKYO, OSAKA and Bangkok for high-end unique jewelry maker for almost OVER 30 YEARS* and deals with emotive RARE STONES**. *BISHO in OSAKA JAPAN is a jewelry maker established in 1981 ; the predecessor of ROSWAY. **e.g. Apple Green Diamond, Paraiba TourmalineAll MADE IN JAPAN and for the world, as we would like to let you know

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Our projects update – 4th Feb, 2012 -2

Hi, we got request about Japanese snacks poppin cookin serise. sushi, bento , ramen…. and so on!           Japanese spice – shichimi 七味唐辛子         Japanese game software (windows , DVD) * adult ones

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Our Recent project – School Bag

Japanese School Bag 学生カバン is famous japanese school girls / boys luggage. here’s example           customer found it in favorite anime – and request us to find best one. we find this school bag in online store , but as they don’t send it to overseas, so we buy and ship to U.S.. Thank you !!

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Request from India – Kitty Humidifier

We got request from customer living in India, and request was  " Want to buy a kitty humidifier" , they saw the product in their friend's home, and want one for thier house. As there's little product regarding " Kitty humidifier" so we found customer's request easily…. Looks cute, after we got confirmation and we searched for kitty humidifier online, but customer wanted to buy in REAL Kitty Store, so Ninja J ran for it ! At ginza – there's famous Sanrio Store. Oh, there's "X Japan" member – YOSHIKI's signed kitty too…. and YES, there's "kitty humidifier" !  

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