[Latest improved version]iQOS Aikos compatible machine GeFive Heated electronic cigarette 900mAH / Vibration caution function / High / low temperature switching Constant temperature heating USB rechargeable Japanese instruction manual High quality electronic cigarette starter kit Large smoke fog Aikos compatible machine (wine red)

¥ 3,200 [Latest improvement]This product can be used continuously for about 12 to 15 bottles without recharging with one full charge, satisfying daily demands. Adopts a constant temperature heating ceramic plate, it can be heated more evenly, and the taste when inhaled is greatly improved compared to the old model! You can now feel the original clear taste of tobacco leaves without any unpleasant taste. It has a reputation of being “stronger in taste and more chewy” than before. 2[High / low temperature adjustable]High / low temperature can be adjusted according to your own sucking habits. ❉ Temperature control method:

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