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Buy from Japan | Personal Shopper Japan Terms Of Use

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Description of the services on offer by Personal Shopper Japan

The Service provided by Personal Shopper Japan is to act on behalf of all cusomers’ requests to purchase item(s) and/or render services via internet auctions, online shops and retail stores in Japan, and delivering the items to the customer.

International delivery and refunds

Personal Shopper Japan is not a party to the carriage contract entered into with a carrier for carriage of an item, and
Personal Shopper Japan bears no responsibility whatsoever for loss suffered by the non-delivery, delay, or damage.
For accidents during postage, all costs, charges, fees and taxes that may accrue before and after the shipment is made are to be borne by the customer.
The customer hereby grants authority to Personal Shopper Japan to enter into a postage contract in the name of the customer. In case of any dispute or fraudulent action, our company will try to contact the auction seller. If the problem is not resolved, we will make a complaint to the auction Web site and let you know the results of the complaint. If you are not satisfied, and wish to pursue your claim through the judicial process, we may help you locate a local attorney. Note that all legal disputes due to an auction transaction will be in a court located in Japan and all costs of such a process will be borne by you.

Items we can’t buy for you

  • Cash, checks, drafts, stock certificates and other negotiable securities.
  • Banned drugs.
  • Items obtained by an illegal method or means.
  • Items whose transportation, export, and import is prohibited or restricted by laws and ordinances of the exporting/importing country including transit countries, the state or local government.


After Personal Shopper Japan has purchased the item requested from the customer, Personal Shopper Japan can’t accept order cancellations.

Governing Law and Agreed Jurisdiction

Japanese law shall govern the Terms of Service and separate terms. If any dispute arises in relation with the Terms of Service or the separate terms, Yokohama District Court shall be the agreed exclusive jurisdictional court of the first hearing.

Last Modified 7th June,2015
Previous version : 15th Feb,2014

Disclaimer and limitation of liabilities

Personal Shopper Japan is responsible only for the purchase and delivery of items specified by a customer and is not responsible whatsoever for the description of received items, defect liabilities, or other seller based demands.
Personal Shopper Japan is not affiliated with any of the auction sites, their subsidiaries, or any other companies mentioned on this website.
Please make sure that the item is really what you are looking for before sending a request to us.

Modification of the Terms of Service

Personal Shopper Japan reserves the right to change these conditions from time to time as it sees fit and your continued use of the site will signify your acceptance of any adjustment to these terms. Personal Shopper Japan may modify the Terms of Service without any prior acceptance notice. If there are any changes to our privacy policy, we will announce that these changes have been made on our Home Page.

Inspection, Delivery and return of items

After the items have arrived at our warehouse, we may inspect/check the items in order to verify the contents. At this time, we might remove or add packaging if we judge its necessity.

Personal Shopper Japan will perform a check/verification of the items, in order to ensure there is no apparent discrepancy between the items received and the description of the items stated by the seller. The item description refers only to the text written by the seller and does not include the result of the automatic translation.

Personal Shopper Japan cannot conduct verification of details that were not included in the item Description, verification that requires specialist item knowledge such as brand authenticity.

If, as a result of the verification process, Personal Shopper Japan finds that the actual items are clearly different from the details in the item description of the seller, Personal Shopper Japan will negotiate with the Seller of the items on behalf of the customer for the return of the items, and may request a possible refund.

Personal Shopper Japan shall refund to the customer the amount of the refund that Personal Shopper Japan receives from the seller as a result of the negotiations.

Personal Shopper Japan shall fulfill the item delivery process under the responsibility of the customer and in accordance with the customer’s instructions. Therefore, Personal Shopper Japan shall not bear any responsibility whatsoever for information relating to export and import, such as the item name, item price and item quantity. written on the invoice, or for the tariff amount incurred on the basis of the said information, or measures such as import bans. imposed by the destination country. The customer shall be liable for and pay all tariffs incurred upon the import of the items. and taxes levied by the destination country.