Buy from any stores in Japan / Bid on Japanese auction items. Personal Shopper Service / Auction Agent Service provider in Japan. Buy items in Japan, Repack, and Send to You.
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Thank you once again, PSJ for the excellent service! As expected, everything was handled most professionally right from day 1 and I also appreciate your courtesy and understanding in accommodating my requests. With your service, I can now order virtually anything I want from Japan (this used to be impossible because of the language barrier and/or shipping restrictions by the seller).

So Ninja J, thank you again! Words can’t adequately express how much I appreciate everything. I am such a fan, and will continue to use your service in the future!

Personal Shopper Japan reply:
Thank you very much for using our service and feedback !
language barrier, shipping restrictions, payment restrictions, only accepts bank wire transfer, only accepts COD, only available in the actual stores…

Many reasons can hinder easy shopping in Japan when buyer is in a foreign country.
We are here to provide service for remove these obstacles, and let all people have happy shopping experience from Japan.

Hope our business can help many people !

Thank you very much,
Ninja J


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