¥ 15,250

You can choose according to the latest IQOS 3 · style. 4 color variations. Warm White, Brilliant Gold, Stella – Blue, Velvet Gray. You can enjoy fine coloring. IQOS is heating type. So, it's not "smoke" but "steam". Crystal of advanced technology = IQOS Many people have been favorite, already 5 million people completely stop cigarettes, this No. 1 heated cigarette is selected. Because it is steam without using fire, it has less odor, it hardly adheres to the tar, it has no ash, and there is little fear of fire. And more than anything, it does not pollute indoor air, making people around you hard to feel unpleasant. Harmful components are generated by burning cigarette leaves at 700 degrees Celsius or higher, whereas only steam is produced by heating at 350 degrees, harmful components are reduced by 90%. By compressing specially compressed high-quality tobacco leaves evenly from the inside, you can enjoy the original taste of cigarette without burning paper taste. Furthermore, by using gold and platinum as the material of the heating blade, it enables effective heat conduction to the tobacco leaf, and provides satisfying taste which can not be obtained elsewhere. ·compact. In addition, it is stylish. Adopting a new design that allows the side to open and close smoothly. Because it is thin and curved design it fits neatly into pockets and small bags.
· omnidirectional type, stress free operation feeling. By adopting the new system, it can be stored without concern for the orientation of the holder
· It became possible to charge. Because it is a magnet type it prevents unexpected charging mistake.
· Waiting time for charging, IQOS which continues evolving shortening by 40 seconds. The charging time has been shortened by approximately 40 seconds from the standard model. The waiting time becomes shorter, more comfortable.
· High reliability. Protect plus We reviewed all materials and designs, and reinforced the impact test repeatedly many times to increase robustness.

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