¥ 8,580

Aluminum Luxury Feature: Product Body Body Is made of aluminum, it comes with overflowing luxury at a glance, combined with wonderful response, Iocos compatible machine that has never existed.
Original LED display: Heating state, heating temperature, remaining number of suction puffs, remaining battery charge, heating voltage and more obvious.
Battery that can be replaced: Batteries that provide power can be replaced, and do not need to be afraid to shorten battery usage time caused by long use. I recommend a battery of 30 A or more.
TESIYI high quality battery installed: 3500 mAh 30 A With a high magnification battery, 25 cigarette sticks can be used, without worrying about remaining battery.
About the warranty: We will offer after-sales service of free repair to defects within one year or less, free replacement to defect of goods within half year within warranty period (battery is non-eligible because it is expendable item). Please contact tesiyijp@163.com.

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