here’s news for Super Junior Super Show 4 Tickets.

Now, all fan club reservation is closed… some of our customers got tickets from Fan club reservation(Thank you very much!),

some customers couldn’t (very unfortunate..)

and here’s status now.

1. there’s normal reservation started. and already some of our customers requested to get ticket from this opportunity,

so we are already trying. (but, this is very low possibility…)

2.As already announced in this website, there’re second-hand tickets (someone lucky enough to get ticket from fan club reservation).

and selling at over 30000 YEN, and also- this is auction style. so if you want one, please give us your maximum budget to get tickets.

if you provide us good amount of budget, then we can bid aggressively, and scare other bidders = high possibility to get at better price.

Anyway, this SJ tickets at Tokyo dome is a bit premium one, so we can’t say “Yes we have one” at this point.

we’ll try our best to get tickets for our customers !

Thank you,

Ninja J