¥ 4,780

[Evolution point from Q1]❉ Improved luxury ❉ Q1 is made of 100% plastic and has a matte texture, but the heating tank, display and surroundings of Q2 are changed to metal, giving it a shiny and luxurious feel. ❉ Increased battery capacity ❉ Increased to 1000mAH, enabling continuous suction of 15 batteries.
[Equipped with LED display]With the latest Aikos compatible machine, the heating temperature and power can be seen at a glance from the display, making it convenient to handle.
[Heating temperature can be adjusted in units of once]Since the temperature can be adjusted in units of once, the absolute optimum heating temperature can be found according to the sucking habit.
[360 degree omnidirectional heating type]360 degree omnidirectional heating type electronic cigarette. It is more durable than the Aikos heating blade without breaking / difficult to clean; with more uniform heating, you can taste more cigarettes.
[Reliable]If the product is out of order for normal use, it can be replaced with a new one within 3 months.

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