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Wonderful Service! Very Satisfied!

What item you bought with our buy from Japan service ? : 

Very rare DVDs

Where are you from ?:

United States

Review from customer:
I’m late putting up this review, but the service was wonderful! I’m very impressed and happy. 🙂

Now, at first, I was uneasy about doing this because I’ve never personally purchased anything overseas before, but I honestly couldn’t find another way to get my items. Could not find the DVDs’ existence on any US sites or stores. That was frustrating. I recently became a huge, inspired fan of the series and I so badly wanted to grow my collection.

I sent a request form to Personal Shopper J. I told them what I was looking for and they were very polite, honest, and professional with me the whole time. They really helped relieve me of my worries.

Because of how busy I was at the time, I was a bit slow. However, their responses were fast. I was actually surprised how quick they were sending back those e-mails to me.

It didn’t take too long for the package containing both DVD box sets to get here either!

For the packaging, it’s probably the best I’ve seen. The outside of the box and sealed nice and tight, and inside, the items were well protected and sealed. Very impressed with it!

Overall, it was a very satisfying experience and I do plan on buying from here again! Thank you guys for your service! All your help and patience with me is much appreciated! Thank you so much!

Personal Shopper Japan reply:

Thank you for using our service and feedback.
We are happy to have your first request for buying from Japan.

For packing, that’s our standard packing, and mindset for customer’s items.

Hope you like your item, and we are always available for you.
Thank you,
Ninja J


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