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All-in-one storage capacity for all IQOS sets No more worrying about messing around in your bag. Holders, heat sticks, and even accessories such as cleaners are all in one. Even during breaks during work, you can quickly pick up your hands and head to the smoking area smartly! Each of the five colors will change over time, making it the only Aikos case in the world.[Simple design that you won’t get tired of]A simple design that fits comfortably in both casual and formal wear. It creates a calm atmosphere like a used notebook. I also hear the impression that I didn’t notice the Aikos case until I opened the inside. It is designed to be firmly wrapped in a case so that the Aikos will not be accidentally dropped and damaged.[Functionality that considers the user]I don’t want to make it a case that just stores it. With that in mind, I reviewed the design from scratch, considering the users. A device that allows all operations to be performed without removing the charger from the case. Easy to take out the heat stick. We have devised ways to make your IQOS life comfortable, such as adjusting the storage position of accessories so that the case does not become thick. Another point is that it uses a magnet type instead of a fastener type so that it can be opened and closed easily.[A spare holder can also be stored]iQOS charger, spare holder, heat stick, iQOS cleaner, iQOS cleaning brush, card holder are also available, and credit cards, Suica and Taspo can also be stored. You can carry it all together like a wallet. It is scattered in your pocket or bag, and you can manage it conveniently in a batch without going anywhere.
[Size]Length 19 cm x Width 9.5 cm x Thickness 2.5 cm.[Weight]Approximately 125 g Old model New 2.4 plus compatible Card storage included 30-day warranty for peace of mind.
[Stylish all-in-one IQOS case that can store everything with this one]This is a special case for Aikos made from high-quality leather that feels moist and soft. Compatible with the new iQOS 2.4 Plus. The sleek, simple and smart design is perfect for business, formal and casual occasions. The three-dimensional effect created by the gentle curves adds elegance. Practice a higher-grade adult man with basic colors and calm luster.
[Outstanding functionality not found in other products]The opening and closing part is a button-type magnet in consideration of stability and ease of opening, so opening and closing is smooth and stress-free. Since it does not fall apart in the bag, you can carry it with confidence anytime, anywhere. 《Point1》 You can keep the case closed when charging. You can also check the battery level of the iQOS main unit without opening the case. 《Point2》 By starting up the heat stick case, you can easily take out the cigarette (heat stick) while it is stored in the case. There is no need to take it out. 《Point3》 Charging time is a bottleneck, but when you finish sucking one and charge it, you can store two so that you can suck another one immediately. Full storage capacity that is very convenient for those who have two.
Whether it’s a break from work, a tavern, a fashionable bar, a cafe, a lounge, a holiday outing or a date, it will make you more fashionable. The simple and smart design makes it suitable for both men and women. It is a popular product not only for your own purchase but also as a gift for your loved ones. It will be delivered in a luxurious gift box, so if you send it as a gift for your boyfriend, girlfriend, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Respect for the Aged Day, birthday or Christmas, you will be very pleased.

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