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[yemsy style] Icos Case 2 Storage Leather 2.4 plus iqos Case Heat Stick Cleaner Storage Leather Spare Holder Cover (05: Red)

¥ 2,280

All in one storage capability of IQOS set together Do not worry about finding inside the bag as lonesome. Holder, heat stick, even accessories such as cleaner, all gathered in this one. I am going to a smoking place smartly for my hands while also taking a break during work! Every 5 color changes one by one with the passage of time, it becomes only one ICOS case in the world. 【Simple design without getting tired】 Simple design that is familiar to the casual and formal as well. It creates a calm atmosphere like a worn-out notebook. I also hear the impression that Icos Case did not notice until opening the inside. It is carelessly wrapped in a case so that it will not accidentally drop an ICos and damage it. [Functionality considering the user] I do not want to just store it. From such a thought, I reviewed the design from 1, thinking about people who use it. A device that can perform all operations without taking out the charger from the case. Ease of removal of heat stick. Adjusting the storage position of the accessories so that the case does not get thicker, I am devising a way to comfortably spend IQOS life. It is also a point to adopt the magnet type instead of the fastener type so that it can be easily opened and closed. 【Preliminary Holder can also be stored】 iQOS Charger · Spare Holder · Heat Stick · iQOS Cleaner, iQOS Cleaning Brush, Card Put in Credit Card, Suica and Taspo can be stored. Together they can carry with your wallet sense. Scattered in pockets and bags, where you go is lost, convenient bulk management is possible.
[Size] Vertical 19 cm × Width 9.5 cm × Thickness 2.5 cm. [Weight] Approximately 125 g Old New Type 2.4 plus Compatible card storage with security safe 30 days guarantee.
[Stylish all-in-one IQOS case that can be stored all in one] This is an ICOS only case made using luxurious leather with moist touch. Compatible with the new iQOS 2.4 Plus. Eliminate waste, sophisticated simple and smart design can be patronized in every scene including business, formal, casual. A three-dimensional feeling created by a gentle curve plus elegance. I will practice an adult man up a notch with a basic color and calm luster.
【Outstanding functionalities not found in other products】 Opening and closing parts are stable and easy to open and close because they are button type magnets considering stability feeling and ease of opening. Because it does not fall apart in the bag, you can carry around with confidence anytime anywhere. "Point 1" You can keep the case closed when charging. Also, you can check the battery level of the iQOS main unit without opening the case. "Point 2" By launching the heat sticker, you can easily remove the cigarette (heat stick) while it is stored in the case. There is no need to take time to take out. "Point 3" The charging time is the neck's icos, but it is a type that can store two pieces so that one more bottle can be sucked immediately when it is charging with one sucking finished. A storage capacity of fulfillment that is very useful even for those who have two.
When you break work, you will raise your fashion at every occasion, including a pub, a stylish bar, a cafe, a lounge, a holiday omission and a date. Because it is a simple and smart design design, you can use it regardless of men's and ladies'. It is a popular item as a present for important people as well as purchase for yourself. Since it will be delivered in a gift box with luxury sense, it will be very pleasing if you send it as a boyfriend, girlfriend, father's day, Mother's Day, Senior Citizen's Day, birthday or Christmas present.

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