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I can’t think of a better personalised procuring service than Personal Shopper Ninja J. The quality of service is truly impressive. Ninja J handled my rather unusual requests professionally and efficiently. They have bought me tickets to a stage play in the past at fairly short notice, and now they have handled a rather difficult request to purchase a DVD that took months to arrive in their hands because the publisher delayed the release date of the product. Amazingly, Ninja J did not lose track of my order and kept me updated on the status of information from the DVD publisher. They also helped me to buy 2 other DVDs that are not ordinarily available from any online or physical DVD shop. Sure, I had to supply the link and instructions but trust me, you really can’t get better service than this. Ninja J is the “go to guy” if you need help to get something from Japan. I have absolute trust in their service and you can too! Keep up the fantastic service, Ninja J!
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Sometimes, it’s not so systematic to buy items from shops.
For foreigners, it’s a bit difficult to buy from such shops, but with our help, you can buy anything.

We also happy to hear your feedback, and keep up our good work for everyone !

Thank you very much,
Ninja J


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