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To remind yourself of important feelings, it is better to use a fountain pen that has your own beauty. Perfect for such people is the “Rencontre Fountain Pen Limited Color”, which does not have a product with the same pattern.

Nature-themed coloring and marble pattern created with clear acrylic resin

The “Rencontre” series of sailor fountain pens (from January 2023) is a fountain pen that realizes marble pattern molding using highly transparent acrylic resin, which was difficult in the past, using our unique technology.

Image 1: Nature-themed coloring and marble pattern created with clear acrylic resin

In the past, injection molding, in which melted resin was poured into a mold, was not uncommon. However, Rancontre is a product that realizes a beautiful marble pattern with depth by combining highly transparent and robust acrylic resin with marble material.

And since this manufacturing method cuts out the process of mixing two colors, each one has a different pattern.

A new addition to Rancortre is the sailor fountain pen “Rencontre” (medium / 14karat gold / medium / diameter 17× length 109.5 mm / shaft diameter 12 mm / 16.4g, suggested retail price 24,200 yen including tax, limited quantity release on July 23, 2023).

Image 2: Nature-themed coloring, marble pattern created by clear acrylic resin

The theme is nature. Available in three colors: Glycine Viollet (mauve), Vert Sabant (dark green), and Pistache (pistachio).

At the time of capping, even women and people with small hands can fit in the palm of their hands and carry the total length of 109.5 mm. When writing, the total length is 132 mm, which realizes a full-fledged writing feel.

Image 3: Nature-themed coloring and marble pattern created by clear acrylic resin

The 14-karat gold nib is beautifully engraved and is a medium-thin (MF) size that is said to be suitable for letters and diaries. The top of the cap is illuminated with a gold-accented lid stopper.

It can be obtained in limited quantities at sailor fountain pen dealers nationwide.

Image: This is a regular staple product

This is a regular standard product

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