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The Japan brand “S-MEISTER”, which is particular about “Made in Japan”, has started ordering and selling mechanical watches using Kanazawa foil as its first collection.

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S-MEISTER is a watch brand derived from “SONNE”, which specializes in mechanical watches that was born in Japan in 2000. In addition to the mechanical watchmaking expertise cultivated at SONNE, he produces many beautiful and quaint mechanical watches that incorporate traditional crafts and techniques into their designs with the aim of enlivening “Japan manufacturing”. This collection consists of three types of mechanical watches with silver leaf dials designed with silver leaf in cooperation with Golden Valor, which inherits the traditional techniques of Kanazawa foil and focuses on training successors.

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SOUKYU uses blue and yellow “colored silver leaf” for the dial. By smoking silver leaf, it creates a vivid and luxurious shine. The case uses a diver type with many sporty designs, and the elegant silver leaf and active appearance surprisingly match. The belt is made of hybrid leather that is easy to maintain.

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■Ref.SMDVBU。 SS (42mm width). Water resistant to 10 ATM. Automatic winding (Cal. Seiko Epson YN71). JPY 55,000

SANGA is a model with a luxuriously designed entire dial with colored silver foil. Brown and moss green silver leaf inspired by the beautiful mountains of Japan are beautifully fused to express Japanese. A round case with beautiful streamlines is IP-processed in rose gold, which is familiar to the skin. By combining it with black hybrid leather, the gorgeous coloring is tightened and the finish is full of luxury.

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■Ref.SMRDSV。 SS (41.5mm width). Water resistant to 5 ATM. Automatic winding (Cal. Seiko Epson YN71). JPY 55,000

SHIRAKUMO has a glittering yet refreshing and elegant design with silver powder and gold-colored silver powder scattered in a gradation of white and light blue. Skilled craftsmen carefully set the delicate silver powder one by one. The case is a rounded type with beautiful streamlines, and the belt is also made of hybrid leather.

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■Ref.SMRDWH。 SS (41.5mm width). Water resistant to 5 ATM. Automatic winding (Cal. Seiko Epson YN71). JPY 55,000

Orders have been available on the crowdfunding platform Makuake since March 16.

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