【Sogo Yokohama】The 36th Miyagi Prefecture Products and Tourism Exhibition – PR TIMES

There are about 40 stores including Miyagi’s proud gourmet food and crafts that shine with craftsmanship.
This year, you can enjoy the whole seafood of Miyagi such as kakimeshi, salmon harako, and Sendai beef, as well as the fruits of the mountains, and Sendai Ajinokichi’s “low-temperature finish”
Sendai beef steak and Miyagi’s specialty whole bento” as well as bento boxes where you can enjoy Sendai beef sukiyaki and abalone.
In addition, we will fully introduce the charm of Miyagi, including standard products such as beef tongue, bamboo kamaboko, and zunda mochi, which represent Miyagi.
We. In addition, this year, ramen and gelato eat-ins will be open. Shrimp soba Ebisuke’s “shrimp soba noodles” and Naturino’s gelato and parfaits made with strawberries from Miyagi Prefecture are available, and you can taste the taste of Miyagi on the spot.

* The listed products are examples, the release images are images, and the displayed prices include tax.
* Some products use raw materials other than those from Miyagi Prefecture.

The taste of the food kingdom (example)
A good bento box from the sea and mountains of < local Miyagi>
Kakimeshi, salmon harako, Sendai beef. A trip where you can enjoy the gourmet food of Miyagi Prefecture at one time.
◆[仙台市]Sendai Aminokichi
/ Low-temperature finish Sendai beef steak and Miyagi specialty whole bento (1 fold) 2,376 yen[50 folds each day only]Demonstration
(Sogo Yokohama store limited sale)

<Seafood we are proud of>
“Jinhua mackerel”
You can enjoy the concentrated flavor of kinka mackerel.
◆[Tomiya City]Ajishimaya / Kinka mackerel shime mackerel stick sushi (1 stick) 1,944 yen[Limited to 50 folds each day]Demonstration

 “Sasa kamaboko”
A specialty of Miyagi Prefecture that brings out the umami of fish.
◆[仙台市]Kamaboko Kanezaki / Sasa kamaboko large fishing flag (1 piece) 331 yen

Outstanding sweetness and umami, a specialty delicacy
◆[女川町]Squid / Mukihoya (200g) 1,080 yen

“Sanriku Abalone”
A lunch box made with abalone from Sanriku.
◆[Tomiya City]Ajishimaya / Sanriku abalone bento (1 fold) 4,569 yen[Limited to 30 folds each day]Demonstration

<The blessings of the earth, the blessings of the mountains>
“Beef tongue”
Three kinds of thick slices, miso flavor, and sausage.
◆[Sendai City]Tanya Zenjiro / Beef Tan Extra Thick Assorted Bento
(Beef tongue: Australian, heated, 1 fold) 2,681 yen Demonstration

“Sendai Beef”
Sukiyaki with secret sauce and steak.
◆[仙台市]Sukiyaki Kappo Kato
/ Sendai beef sukiyaki and kainomi steak bento (1 fold) 2,490 yen[50 folds limited to each day]first appearance demonstration

“Zunda “
It is characterized by the original aroma and flavor of beans.
◆[Osaki City]Mochibee / Zunda Mochi (4 pieces, 1 pack) 601 yen Demonstration

“Enough strawberries.”
The refreshing sweetness of strawberries born in Miyagi.
◆[Natori City]Naturino / Strawberry Sorbet Milk (Double, 1 cup) 660 yen First appearance Eat-in

< a delicious masterpiece loved by the locals >
Compare the standard salty taste, the special miso flavor, and the three types of beef tongue.
◆[Natori City]Beef Fuku / Beef tongue 3 kinds of food comparison bento
(Beef tongue: from New Zealand, 1 fold) 1,674 yen First appearance Demonstration

[Yamamoto Town]Tadokoro Foods / Mountain Grape Undiluted (600ml, 1 bottle) 2,376 yen

[仙台市]Confectionery Sanzen / Hagi no Moon (simple box, 5 pieces) 1,032 yen

 [Sendai City]Muranushi / Fruit Sandwich Strawberry (1 piece) 600 yen First appearance Demonstration

 [Sendai City]Zunda Charyo / Premium Fresh Cream Bread Zunda Shake Flavor (1 piece) 249 yen

[Sendai City]Grated / Pickled in Urui Soy Sauce (1 bag) 540 yen
[Sendai City]Matsuzawa Kamaboko store / Sasakama Sasa 100 years old Yoshitsugu (1 piece) 184 yen
 [Sendai City]Definition Tofu Store / Triangular Definition Aburaage (4 sheets, 1 bag) 601 yen
< Miyagi’s popular ramen at the venue>
Combine homemade shrimp oil and chopped garlic for a cup of shrimp.
◆[Sendai City]Shrimp soba Ebisuke / garlic mixed soba (1 cup) 1,250 yen[各日限定50杯]Eat-in

◆[Sendai City]Shrimp soba Ebisuke / Shrimp soba (Gatsun) whole (1 cup) 1,380 yen[各日限定50杯]

Ramen with seafood-based soup and spicy miso flavor.
◆[Sendai City]Karasuke / Spicy Miso Ramen Deluxe (1 cup) 1,450 yen[各日限定50杯]
First appearance eat-in


Traditional crafts that shine with craftsmanship (example)

●[仙台市]Sendai Kiji Works
/ Togatta traditional kokeshi Hachisun Mage irises (height approx. 24.0cm) 4,950 yen[Limited to 3 items]
* Purchase of “Togatta Traditional Kokeshi Hachisun Mage Irises” is limited to one item per person.
In addition, you can purchase up to 3 items per person (including products posted on the flyer).
* Customers who come to the store by 9:45 a.m. on Tuesday, April 4 should line up in front of the main entrance on the second basement floor.

 ●[Sendai City]Tsutsumi no Hinakkoya
/ Sea bream cat (approx. height 14.0× width 27.0×depth 11.0cm) 16,500 yen[Limited to 2 items]

 ●[仙台市]HIRO Glass Studio
/ Lamp owl (approx. height 31.0×width 21.0cm) 198,000 yen[Limited to 1 item]

A pendant with carefully carved both sides of the whale tooth.
●[石巻市]Shoichi Yoshimura Shoten
/ Whale tooth pendant whale tail (about 3.0×3.5cm) 52,800 yen[Limited to 2 items]

Other stores

< Food >
[Osaki City]Furukawa Foods / Shisomaki Miso
[Ishinomaki City]Kaitaku Shoten / Kakishioni,[Ishinomaki City]Honda Suisan / Kinka Sabashi Mackerel
[Ishinomaki City]Yamasakousho / Beef Tan Tsukune[Ishinomaki City]Shiraken Kamaboko Store / Sasa Kamaboko
[Misato Town]Daichi Foods / Date no Sardine Dumpling
 [気仙沼市] Dingaura Shoten / Scallop Wasabi[Kesennuma City]Crab Story / Processed Crab / Crab Processed Products 
[Sendai City]Beethoven / Coffee,[Sendai City]Sendai Morning Market Miuraya / Karaage,
 [松島町]Kakimatsushima Koha / Fried Oysters,[Kurihara City]Ichijo / Nanban Age,[Natori City]Kansendo / Yubeshi,
 Miyagi Furusato Plaza / Prefectural products, etc.

 < crafts >
[Sendai City]TERUI / Sterling Silver Art
[Sendai City]Ohashido / Fountain Pen,[Sendai City]Aru Koron / Original Clothing
[Yamato Town]Daigamori ware / pottery,[Osaki City]Sato lacquer studio / Naruko lacquerware, etc.

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