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I had the opportunity to try Dyson Supersonic Shine, a hair dryer that Dyson will release in May as a limited edition Japan. It is a model with a unique attachment “gloss tool” that can be blown with one hand, and this tool was very good, so I would like to report the feeling of use.

The Dyson Supersonic Shine is a limited Japan dryer with three magnetic attachments. It is scheduled to go on sale in May and will be priced at 48,800 yen.

There are three attachments: a “glossing tool” that realizes blowing with one hand, a “low-temperature tool” that lowers the air temperature by up to 20°C, and a “smooth tool” that dries with a smooth breeze.

The air temperature can be set to 4 levels including cold air, and the wind speed can be set to 3 levels. Let’s use the gloss tool right away. When I first saw this glossy tool, I had the honest impression that the shape was unique and difficult to use.

However, when I actually used it, I could use it like combing my hair with a regular brush, and I could easily blow my hair without any technique. The tool part looked small, so I thought that with my hair with a lot of hair, I would have to blow it many times to make it beautiful, but I was able to finish half blowing without combing it a few times.

This glossy tool was inspired by the company’s hair styler, the Dyson Airwrap Multi-Styler. With the power of Dyson’s V9 digital motor, the high-pressure airflow creates a precisely angled airflow, and the Coanda effect pulls the hair to the surface of the brush to straighten the hair.

With a normal blow, you need to hold a dryer in one hand and a brush in the other, which is quite difficult if you try to do it yourself, but with a gloss tool, the dryer and brush are integrated, so you can blow with one hand.

When I looked at the hair after blowing, it was well straightened, and the finish was enough without the use of a straightening iron.

If it’s a normal blow, you need to hold a dryer in one hand and a brush in the other.If you have a gloss tool, you can blow with one hand

In addition, this tool can store brushes and switch to “floating hair suppression mode”. The Coanda effect pulls long hair towards you and hides the short floating hair inside the hair, making your hair cohesive.

After blowing, I switched to the floating hair suppression mode and applied the tool to stroke the hair. Before use, the short floating hair protruded from the pyonpyon, but after use, it became inconspicuous and I was able to feel the high effect.

Put the Gloss tool into hair suppression mode

The remaining two tools are actually items that already exist as attachments for Dyson dryers. The low-temperature tool was originally named “Gentle Air Ring” and the smooth tool was named “Smoothing Nozzle”.

This time, in order to develop it as a Japan limited model, the name was changed to make it easier to understand. The functions are the same, but you can intuitively understand what kind of function the Japanese tool name has rather than katakana.

The low-temperature tool was originally developed under the name “Gentle Airing” (center) and the smooth tool was named “Smoothing Nozzle” (right).

It is an expensive product at 48,800 yen, but according to Dyson, the dryer market is growing with models over 30,000 yen, and it seems that young people in particular are looking for beauty-specific products.

Not only can you dry your hair with one unit, but you can also blow it, and it is attractive that you can set your hair without having to prepare multiple styling items. Dyson’s hair care appliances are evolving year by year, and I look forward to their future development.

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