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Focusing on the models announced at Watches & Wonders 2023, we will introduce the new Grand Seiko watches for 2023. The highlight is Grand Seiko’s first mechanical chronograph, the Evolution 9 Collection Tentagraph SLGC001.

Grand Seiko “Evolution 9 Collection Tentagraph SLGC001”

Evolution 9 Collection Tentagraph SLGC001

Grand Seiko’s first mechanical chronograph Cal.9SC5 “Tentagraph” and the “Evolution 9 Collection Tentagraph” equipped with this chronograph were announced.

Seiko was one of the pioneers in the world to start mass production of mechanical automatic chronographs in 1969, and Grand Seiko has a history of spring-drive chronographs.

Evolution 9 Collection Tentagraph SLGC001

Grand Seiko “Evolution 9 Collection Tentagraph SLGC001”
The dial represents Mt. Iwate at night when the stars twinkle, and combines a delicate pattern inspired by the mountain surface with a transparent blue. Automatic winding (Cal.9SC5). 60 stone. 36,000 vibrations per hour. Power reserve about 72 hours. Bright titanium case (diameter 43.2 mm, thickness 15.3 mm). Water resistant to 10 ATM. 1,815,000 yen (tax included). It will be released on June 9.

However, Grand Seiko has not had a mechanical chronograph lineup until now. The appearance of this work can be called a new step for Grand Seiko.

“Tentagraph” means “Ten beats per second, Three days, Automatic chronograph”, that is, an automatic chronograph with 10 vibrations and a power reserve of about 3 days in the chronograph operating state, which is characteristic of this work. Supporting the achievement of these performances is the highly efficient “dual impulse escapement” installed in the Cal.9SA5 announced in 2020.


In addition to this, in order to ensure “accurate measurement, operability, and durability” befitting the Grand Seiko, pointer deviation and needle jumping are suppressed, and the operability of start/stop and reset measurement is enhanced by column wheels and three-pronged hammers.

In addition to the conventional “New Grand Seiko Standard” tests, this work also set an accuracy standard for mechanical chronographs that evaluate accuracy in a three-way posture with the chronograph activated.

Tentagraph Dial

The design is based on the internationally acclaimed “Evolution 9 Style” and has been developed in pursuit of the “instant legibility, intuitive operability, and reliable robustness” required for a sports watch.

In addition, while the case and bracelet use bright titanium, the shape is optimized so that the center of gravity is lowered, and excellent wearing comfort can be expected.

Evolution 9 Collection Tentagraph SLGC001

Grand Seiko “Masterpiece Collection Hand-wound Spring Drive Engraving Limited Model SBGZ009”


Grand Seiko “Masterpiece Collection Hand-wound Spring Drive Engraving Limited Model SBGZ009”
The swept hand, which is a characteristic of the Spring Drive, glides the gray tempered second hand across the dial, expressing the quiet passage of time. Manual winding (Cal.9R02). 39 stones. Power reserve about 84 hours. PT case (diameter 38.5 mm, thickness 9.8 mm). Water resistant to 3 ATM. 9,515,000 yen (tax included). Limited edition of 50 pieces worldwide. It will be released on June 9.

A limited edition model “Masterpiece Collection Hand-wound Spring Drive Engraved Limited Model SBGZ009” was announced, expressing the majestic birch grove with a hand-engraved case and stamped dial.

This work is engraved on a platinum case that has been polished to a mirror-free surface with rough polishing, and the deep and long engraving that extends from the bezel to the foot expresses the strength of the birch, which has a strong presence even in deep snow.


The dial adopts a metallic color that echoes the case and is organically stamped in the image of a birch. The effect creates a delicate glow with light, like a snowscape sparkling in the sunlight.

The hour and minute hands and indexes are made of 14K white gold, and at 6 o’clock they are marked with a special dial (SD) mark indicating that they use solid gold indexes, indicating the specialness of the game.

The movement is equipped with the Cal.9R02, a hand-wound spring drive movement by the fine watch workshop “Micro Artist Kobo”. At 4.02 mm thick, it is the thinnest current Grand Seiko Spring Drive movement, contributing to the slim and sophisticated styling of the game.


Grand Seiko Masterpiece Collection Spring Drive 8Days Jewelry Watch Limited Edition SBGD213


Grand Seiko Masterpiece Collection Spring Drive 8Days Jewelry Watch Limited Edition SBGD213
At 12 o’clock, three blue sapphires are used, and at 3, 6, and 9 o’clock, sapphires that are slightly wider than the others are used to ensure visibility. Manual winding (Cal.9R01). 56 stone. Power reserve about 192 hours. PT case (diameter 44.5 mm, thickness 14.4 mm). Water resistant to 10 ATM. 30.8 million yen (tax included). Limited to 8 pieces worldwide. It will be released on June 9.

The Masterpiece Collection Spring Drive 8Days Jewelry Watch Limited Edition SBGD213, a jewelry watch that expresses the brand’s iconic lion with diamonds and blue sapphires, has been announced.

This new work inherits the design of the “SBGD209” announced in 2022 with the theme of the white lion, and incorporates the brand color blue throughout.

The center of the dial is made of a white butterfly shell with a blue tint, and the dial is scaled with diamonds and blue sapphires.


It has a case shape reminiscent of the 44GS, which established the current Seiko style, and diamonds are also set on the foot of the case, expressing the beautiful brilliance of the lion’s sharpened claws.

The movement is the 9R01 calibre produced by the Micro Artist Workshop, whose finish has already been highly acclaimed. The movement design peeking out from the caseback is also unique, depicting a view of Mt. Fuji, a sacred mountain, from the birthplace of Spring Drive.


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