A fountain pen & ink set with the motif of the retro café classic “cream soda” is newly released! Cherry mark is cute ♪ – Japaaan

“Professional Gear Slim Cream Soda Limited Set” will be released at ancora, a fountain pen and stationery gift specialty store jointly operated by Plus Co., Ltd. and Sailor Fountain Pen, with the theme of the coffee shop’s standard product “cream soda”.

This item, which appeared as a fountain pen set limited to “ANCORA” in Ginza, Tokyo, is the first product in a new series based on the concept of a coffee shop in Ginza.

The motif this time is “cream soda”.

The “Professional Gear Slim Fountain Pen Cream Soda” is a refreshing gem with a white × clear green body and silver metal parts that accentuate the sense of transparency.

The smooth nib is engraved with cream soda, and the clear red lid stopper is decorated with cherries. You can choose from five character widths, from ultra-fine (EF) to bold (B).

The ink in the set is a newly toned “cream soda”. In addition, the included converter has a print that resembles a straw pattern.

The motifs of coffee shops and cream soda are scattered not only on the body and ink color of the fountain pen, but also in various details, making it a must-see Mr./Ms.Mr./Ms. stationery lovers and retro café lovers.

The “Professional Gear Slim Cream Soda Limited Edition Set” will be on sale at the “ancora” Ginza main store and online shop from 11:00 a.m. on Friday, May 24, 2024. The Ginza main store is accepting advance reservations.

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