A heavy stainless steel black color-forming writing instrument that can be used on a daily basis. “CYLINT Black Stainless Steel” fountain pen, ballpoint pen – PR TIMES

■ “CYLINT Series”

Origin of CYLINT: INT is an abbreviation for CYLINDER and Intelligent

It is a coined word that combines the following.

– Black stainless steel (stainless steel black coloring)

New decoration technology with functionality and design

Advantages of stainless steel black coloring materials

“Profound feeling” and “Design”

“Durability and weather resistance” and “Environmental friendliness and safety”

What is stainless steel black coloring?

By adopting a new electrolytic color development technology, deep black color development is achieved while taking advantage of the metallic feel.

Unlike plating and painting, an ultra-thin black oxide film is grown on the surface of the material, and the light

Since it uses interference to recognize colors, there is no need to worry about peeling off, making it durable and weather-resistant.

It is an excellent color development technology that integrates with the “self-black” material. Retaining the original texture of metal

Well, it has a profound feeling, functionality, and design, and it is forever “black that does not fade”

Enhance the rutus.

[Fountain pen]

[Ballpoint pen]

◆ Design with stainless steel black coloring material

Deep-hued design

The texture makes use of the original beautiful metallic feel of stainless steel.

The stainless steel black color is uniform and even. In addition, the texture of the mirror surface, which is deep and glossy like lacquer, gives a sense of luxury.


【Product Specifications】

Product name: CYLINT fountain pen black stainless steel

Suggested retail price: 66,000 yen (excl. tax 60,000 yen)

Nib: 21 gold, medium

Nib Finish: Black IP Finish

Character width: Fine, Medium, Bold

Lid and body: Stainless steel material / stainless steel black color finish

Large: Brass/Black IP Finish

Lid and tail plugs: PMMA resin

Metal parts: Black IP finish

Size: φ17×133.3mm (including clip), 37.2g

Comprises: 1 CYLINT fountain pen black stainless steel, 1 cleaning cloth,

2 cartridge inks (black), 1 original pen sheath (limited to the first time),

1 copy of fountain pen instruction manual, 1 copy of product manual, 1 copy of fountain pen quality assurance

Product name: CYLINT ballpoint pen black stainless steel

Suggested retail price: 38,500 yen (excl. tax 35,000 yen)

Formula: Rotary

Core color: Oily black

Ball diameter: 0.7mm

Replacement core: 18-0500

Lid and body: Stainless steel material / stainless steel black color finish

Size: φ15.5×138.2mm (including clip), 44.3g

Comprises: 1 CYLINT ballpoint pen black stainless steel, 1 cleaning cloth,

1 original pen sheath (first time only), 1 copy of the ballpoint pen instruction manual, 1 copy of the product manual

【Inquiries regarding the handling of products】

User service: 0120-191-167 (toll-free)

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