A new 620 horsepower “Japanese-style supercar” is released! The “ultimate model” with the “Japan” motif is equipped with a 10-cylinder engine! From 35,000,000 yen – Automotive News

When Audi discontinued production of the R8 super sports car, it released a limited edition of eight special edition cars that would be the final model in Japan. It features a dedicated design with the theme of “Japan”.

“Japan feeling” is not hampered! Special “R8” release

On December 14, 2023, Audi released the final limited edition model in Japan of its flagship super sports car, the R8.

Audi R8 Japan Final EditionAudi R8 Japan Final Edition

The R8 was developed by Audi Sport GmbH, which develops and manufactures Audi racing models and sport-grade “RS” models.

It has continued to evolve over the past 17 years as a rare super sports car that exhibits high performance that inherits the genes of racing cars while also providing a comfortable ride in everyday driving.

The limited-edition R8 Japan Final Edition is a limited edition model in Japan with only eight units born to mark the final chapter of R8 history, and the base model is the R8 Coupe V10 Performance 5.2FSI Quattro S tronic.

It is powered by a 5.2-liter naturally aspirated V10 engine that produces 620 horsepower and 580 Nm of torque, and is powered by a 7-speed S tronic transmission and four-wheel drive to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.1 seconds.

In addition, this Japan limited edition model incorporates a design that fuses Japan’s aesthetic sense in the exterior, and carbon parts are used throughout the simple and elegant horizontal body. The effective blackening visually tightens the body stoically.

The interior is based on black and unified in a two-tone color with alabaster white.

The sports seats on the left and right sides are upholstered in fine nappa leather, and the headlining and luggage compartment lining are made of Alcantara, creating a high-quality space commensurate with overwhelming performance.

In addition, the door sill trim will be engraved with the words “JAPAN FINAL EDITION” along with the number indicating that only 8 cars will be available.

In addition, in order to impress the limited edition model, the body color is high-quality and soft Ibis White matte.

Equipped with 20-inch Audi Sport alloy wheels with matte bronze polish that resemble “gold” underfoot, combined with gloss red calipers on ceramic brakes that imply high performance, it creates the glamour of Japan’s ancient red and white.

In this way, the Japan Final Edition combines three colors that are in line with the Japan tradition of “white, red, and gold” to create a special and limited edition car worthy of Japan.

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The vehicle price (including consumption tax) of the R8 Japan Final Edition is 35.08 million yen.

Limited to 8 units, the steering position is only on the right side.

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