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Get in the 200,000 yen range! A large collection of reliable entry watches

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“Grand Seiko” “Heritage Collection STGF359”

Pure as snow. Poetic scenes

Delicate and deep to the end. Grand Seiko, which conveys the aesthetic sense and technical capabilities of Japan to the fullest, was inspired by the wind patterns that decorate the snowfields that appear after the accumulated snow is exposed to the wind. The pure white dial, which is meek but gives a sense of strength of the core, seems to deliver even a dignified female figure. Even the stainless steel case and bracelet with no distortion are perfectly finished, and the vivid blue second hand adds a touch of brilliance at one point. Don’t miss the beautiful drama!

Watch (SS, case diameter 28.9mm, quartz) ¥286,000 / Grand Seiko (Seiko Watch Customer Service Office)



“Longines” “Longines Dolce Vita Evie”

Bold and sophisticated, handsome girlfriend

Longines, a long-established Swiss store founded in 1832. One of the most popular is the collection “Longines Dolce Vita”, which was born in 1997 and features an Art Deco square rectangular case. Collaborative models with female designers/stylists show a new look. The double leather strap creates a modern mood while at the same time giving you a sense of the world of horse riding. Of course, the famous winged hourglass logo is alive and well!

Watch (SS, Case Size 32×20.8mm, Quartz) ¥243,100/Longines



“Tudor” “Tudor Royal”

Intelligent and poetic. Enjoy the charm of the next generation

In the history of “Tudor” starting in 1926, “Tudor Royal” occupies a special place. Positioned between classic and sports watches, this one boasts a light beauty, and the soft salmon pink dial color joins the ranks! The radial brushed finish and the smooth luster Sunray satin finish give you a gorgeous shine. True to the brand message of “Born To Dare”, captivate with courage and boldness.

Watch (SS, case diameter 28mm, mechanical automatic) ¥295,900 / Tudor (Japan Rolex / Tudor)



TAG Heuer Aquaracer Professional 200

Pioneering the Era for Active Women

Since 1860, TAG Heuer has been driven by a passion for sport and the evolution of technical prowess. Among them, the masterpiece of diver’s watches, inspired by the sea world, is now available in a dial with a light blue sunray brushed finish! The blue that shines in the light is reminiscent of the surface of the distant sea. The high-precision movement and ergonomic ideal shape will take your daily life to the next level.

Watch (SS, case diameter 30mm, quartz) ¥242,000/TAG Heuer (LVMH Watch & Jewellery Japan TAG Heuer)



“Frederick Constant” “Classic Art Deco”

An eternal classic born from the history of watches

From design to assembly, Frederick Constant is held in Geneva, Switzerland. Authentic yet easy to reach, the Maison presents a neat tonneau case that evolved from pocket watches to wristwatches during the Art Deco era of the 1940s. While the adorable Arabic numeral indexes and 22 diamonds are gorgeously colored, it is also equipped with a small seconds function, which is surprising! Pay attention to the decoration of the fine dial.

Watch ¥250,800 (SS× rose gold plate× diamonds, case size 31×22mm, quartz, Japan only) / Frederick Constant (Frederick Constant Consultation Office)



“Citizen” “Exceed”

Beauty for tasting with a pair model commemorating the 45th anniversary of the birth of the brand

“Citizen” is a famous watch house of Japan founded in 1918. Among them, “Exceed”, which appeared in 1977, boasts both beauty and functionality! The ladies’ model of the pair is equipped with a romantic “Sun & Moon” function in which the sun and moon appear. In addition, the super titanium case and bracelet, which are about 40% lighter than stainless steel, fit in the photovoltaic “Eco-Drive” movement, which does not require regular battery replacement. How about a reliable partner at hand?

Watch (Super Titanium, case diameter 29.2mm, photovoltaic eco-drive) ¥209,000 / Citizen (Citizen Customer Watch Consultation Office)



“Hamilton” “Jazzmaster Lady Auto”

Green impact creates an unforgettable moment

Hamilton boasts a unique history, having been founded in the United States in 1892 and moved its manufacturing base to Switzerland in 2003. One of the Maisons’ proud companions is the Jazzmaster collection, which embodies the freedom, sophistication and innovation of jazz. One of the most attractive alligator-like bright green straps is the 12 diamond indexes and the beautiful lustrous mother-of-pearl dial.

Watch (SS×MOP× diamond, case diameter 30mm, automatic) ¥147,400/Hamilton (Hamilton/Swatch Group Japan)


“Gucci” “G-Timeless Multibee”

Excellent mode sensitivity! Marking time with good luck motifs

One of Gucci’s icons, the bee is a symbol of good luck that has been loved in Europe for a long time. It was this motif that appeared in the history of the brand in the ’70s, and a watch was born with a dazzling yellow gold dial! In addition to the simple yet high design that fits in with fashion, the use of recycled steel is a point of high environmental awareness. If you wear a piece that coexists with a handsome expression and playfulness, your steps will be lighter.

Watch (SS, case diameter 38mm, automatic) ¥269,500/Gucci (Gucci Japan)



“Fendi” “Auroc Vertical”

Your hand goes into mode in an instant! Immerse yourself in Italian aesthetics

From “Fendi”, an exceptionally stylish strap that wraps around it has appeared. In addition to the gold-coloured stainless steel case, two diamonds, one on the crown at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock, add a delicate brilliance. In addition, the long strap with a pin-type buckle that creates a delicate wrist is available in five exquisite colors that will make you growl, “As expected!” Enjoy coordinating with clothes!

Watch (SS, Case Size 28.3×14.8mm, Quartz) ¥192,500/Fendi (Fendi Japan)



“Ralph Lauren” “RL888”

Enveloping the bold spirit, a round face of refinement

Ralph Lauren is truly a source of American elegance! Named after its flagship store at 888 Madison Avenue in Manhattan, this is a gift for the Maison’s muses who enjoy a variety of styles. Equipped with a quartz movement that boasts the highest Swiss craftsmanship, the watch is decorated with a graphical and beautiful combination of Roman and Arabic numerals.

Watch (SS, Case diameter 32mm, quartz) ¥245,300/Ralph Lauren



Tom Ford Timepiece “N.004”

Pure monotone, mature aesthetics

The timepieces presented by Tom Ford, the emperor of mode, are chic and sensual. The jet-black recycled stainless steel case is sure to give you confidence in any situation. Following on from the previous three styles, the N.004 has all the indexes removed from the dial, emphasizing the minimalist case design. The dial is also available in white and chrome, so find a color that suits your personality.

Watch (Recycled SS, Case Size 48.×27mm, Quartz) ¥236,500/Tom Ford Timepiece



“Baume & Mercier” “Riviera Ladies”

Inviting you to the azure Mediterranean, a summer blue

One of the signatures of “Baume & Mercier” from Switzerland is the “Riviera”, which was born in 1973. Because it is a 12-sided neat stainless steel case that is active both ON and OFF, I want to add a sense of playfulness with beautiful colors! The blue dial with a sunray satin finish is decorated with transparent waves, creating a subtle and open mood from the hand. Together with a long-life quartz watch with a battery life of 10 years, let’s show off the individuality of adults with esprit.

Watch (SS, case diameter 33mm, quartz) ¥269,500 / Baume & Mercier



Montblanc Traditional Automatic Date

Elegant charm that blooms the classics

Born in Germany, Montblanc started making watchmaking in Switzerland in 1997. Since then, the company has released a variety of collections, including sports types, and this “tradition” is a signature that follows the traditional watchmaking code. The neat silver-white dial features a relief of rhodium-plated Roman numerals. Because it has been stripped of waste, the fragrant elegance is a masterpiece!

Watch (SS, case diameter 32mm, automatic) ¥244,200/Montblanc (Richemont Japan)



“Rado True Diamond”

If you wear vivid white, you will start dancing lightly to your heart.

With the release of the world’s first scratch-resistant watch, the Rado from Switzerland combines playfulness and functionality. One of the elegant white high-tech ceramic materials is scratch-resistant, so it is easy to coordinate with jewelry, making it perfect for spring and summer wear, which attracts attention on the hands! With a mother-of-pearl dial and 12-point diamonds, even a single diamond has an outstanding presence. It is also lightweight and hypoallergenic, making it ideal for daily use.

Watch (high-tech ceramic, case diameter 30mm, quartz) ¥283,800/Rado (Swatch Group Japan/Rado)



“NOMOS Glashütte” “Tangente 33”

Intelligence resides in German modern classics

The Bauhaus pursues simplicity and comfort and depicts people’s ideal lives. Based on this philosophy, NOMOS Glashütte was born in Germany in 1990, and immediately captivated watch fans with its refined design and outstanding technical capabilities. The women’s models of the “Tangente” series, which represents such a house, are perfect for women who want to casually assert their sensibilities! Also pay attention to the distinctive five-digit index and the supple suede strap.

Watch (SS, Case diameter 32.8mm, manual winding) ¥291,500/NOMOS Glashütte (NOMOS Glashütte +)


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