[A | X Armani Exchange]Japan limited bag is on sale in advance at “A | X HARAJUKU Cat Street”.

Right 17,400 yen Left 16,700 yenRight 17,400 yen Left 16,700 yen

[A | X Armani Exchange Official Site]https://www.armaniexchange.com/jp

Two women’s canvas bags will be available as limited edition models in Japan.

Keywords such as “individuality” and “freedom” associated with tie-dye are actually deeply linked to the brand identity of the A | X Armani Exchange. A | X Armani Exchange respects the “individuality as a person” that everyone has from the time the brand was born in 1991 to the present, and the importance and diversity of deepening connections across races and genders. I have been advocating beauty. The Japan-only bag that appears this time expresses such brand identity through tie-dye dyeing. No two bags can be dyed with tie dye one by one. Enjoy the individuality of each bag and find your own unique item … A | X This is a limited edition item filled with the message of Armani Exchange.

The model that appears is type 2. In both cases, the canvas with a solid texture is dyed in a light blue reminiscent of denim, and the brand logo is placed in the center of the bag.

The tote bag model is an updated version of the model that was very popular in stores during the spring / summer 2009 season. The design point is the fringe detail, which is reminiscent of uncut denim.

One of the reasons why this original model was so popular in stores is that it fits everything you need, such as your wallet, pouch, and mobile phone, but it’s not too big. The design has been updated while maintaining its popular size. In addition, the shoulder strap is a thick design that does not put a burden on the shoulder even if it is used for a long time. In addition, the high safety aspect that it can be closed properly with a zip while being a casual design is also a point. The design from the user’s point of view is alive with Armani’s design philosophy.

The smaller model gives a cleaner and smarter impression. Although it is a very compact size, it is a box type, so the gusset part is firmly secured, and the minimum necessary items can be stored sufficiently.

Despite its simple style, it has a rich tie-dye dyeing look and can be used as a dressing point. Like the tote design, the strap is thick so it reduces the amount of bite into your clothes when hung diagonally. You can use it stress-free. In addition, this model has no fringes and is designed to be easy to use even in unisex. You can expect a wide range of uses such as sharing with him and sharing with your family!

Tie-dye dyed bag type 2 filled with the brand spirit of A | X Armani Exchange can only be purchased at A | X HARAJUKU Cat Street. (From late February, it will be on sale at A | X Armani Exchange Boutique and official websites in Japan)

[A | X Armani Exchange Harajuku Cat Street Official Page]

[A | X Armani Exchange]
Born in 1991, the A | X Armani Exchange offers a new and positive Italian casual that inherits the spirit of Giorgio Armani. As a style brand that is sensitive to fashion and sends out to people who are evolving themselves with the times, we have developed a wide range of items from clothing to accessories. Inspired by urban lifestyle and street culture, the collection is constantly sending out new dress codes to the world.

Official site https://www.armaniexchange.com/jp
LINE Official Account https://page.line.me/470gycja?openQrModal=true
Twitter official account https://twitter.com/AX_JAPAN
Instagram official account https://www.instagram.com/armaniexchange/

Contact: Contact:
Giorgio Armani Japan 03-6274-7070

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