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Ace 13.3 type notebook computer ASUS ZenBook UX 303 UB (Smoky Brown) UX 303 UB-6200

¥ 143,420

◆ Windows 10 Home 64 bit ◆ 13.3 type wide TFT color IPS liquid crystal (LED backlight / nongreure) ◆ Intel Core i5-6200U processor ◆ NVIDIA GeForce 940M ◆ Memory 8GB ◆ SSD 128GB ◆ Optical drive: None / ※ The picture is an image. Although the picture is an English keyboard, the main body of the product is a Japanese keyboard. OS: Windows 10 Home 64bit
LCD size: 13.3 inches
CPU: Core i5 6200U (Skylake) 2.3 GHz / 2 cores
SSD capacity: 128 GB
Integrated software: KINGSOFT Office 2013 Standard 30 days Free trial version

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Excellent (4)

Excellent service and communication. I cannot recommend them highly enough. …


Fancl shops closed down in Singapore two months back and …

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