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The gypsophila got its name because the flowers that were in full bloom looked like a haze. It has a flower language such as “happiness” and “gratitude” and is a standard flower in bouquets and flower arrangements.

Professional Gear Slim Gypsophila is a gem unique to Ancola with a neat and adorable impression. Palm-sized slim form. The smooth pen tip and lid plug are decorated with gypsophila. The main body is available in two types, gold / white and silver / green, and both have a design reminiscent of a bouquet that colors the whole body.

The ink in the set is a limited edition “Viridian” specially toned in the image of gypsophila. You can choose from 7 rich character widths, from ultra-fine print (EF) to music (MS).

Pure feelings for loved ones in one letter. This one will turn a moment of writing into a happy time.

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Baby’s breath symbolizes happiness and appreciation and is commonly used as a filler in bouquets and flower arrangements. It is called kasumiso (mist flower) in Japanese because it is thought to look like a veil of mist when in full bloom.

PROFESSIONALGEAR Slim Limited Edition Set Kasumiso is a sweet and charming masterpiece available only from ancōra. The pen has a slim shape and the cap top and smoothly gliding nib are embellished with baby’s breath flowers. Available in two color combinations, gold & white and silver & green, the cap and barrel are adorned with a bouquet-like motif. The set includes a limited-edition Viridian ink mixed especially for the set in the image of baby’s breath. There are seven nib sizes to choose from, ranging from Extra Fine (EF) to Music (MS).

Use this pen to convey your special thoughts to a cherished one or to make your writing experience a happy occasion.

Professional Gear Slim Gypsophila Limited Set

PROFESSIONALGEAR Slim Limited Edition Set Kasumiso
character width; EF (Fine) / F (Fine) / MF (Medium) / M (Medium) / B (Bold)
Price: ¥32,450 (¥29,500 excluding tax)

character width; Z(Zoom) / MS(Music)
Price: ¥34,650 (¥31,500 excluding tax)

▼ Set Contents
– Professional Gear Slim Limited Gypsophila (Sailor Fountain Pen)
body color; Gold/White, Silver/Green
Pen tip;14K
character width; EF (Fine) / F (Fine) / MF (Medium) / M (Medium) / B (Bold) / Z (Zoom) / MS (Music)

– Dye bottle ink (limited Viridian)
– Ink inhaler converter for fountain pens

【Advance telephone reservation】
Only customers who can pick up at the Ginza main store will be able to make advance reservations from 11:00 on Friday, May 19, 2023. Please apply by phone (Ancola Ginza Main Store 03-6274-6522).
* Reservations are limited to one set of each color per person.
* Reservation quantity is limited. Please note.
* There is no advance reservation at the online shop.

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