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Announcing the “CORNES 60th Edition”, a special limited edition car of 18 cars in 3 models tailored for Cornes

Announcing the

~ Bentley 60th Anniversary ~

◆ The last monumental Japan limited edition model of the engine model
◆ In line with the latest trend of Bentley limited cars,
A specification in which pinstripes in a one-point color are arranged on the interior and exterior
◆ Delivery starts in June 2024
◆ “Continental GT – CORNES 60th Edition” 10 units
Continental GTC – CORNES 60th Edition (4 units)
“Flying Spur – CORNES 60th Edition” (4 units)

To commemorate the 60th anniversary of Bentley’s business in Japan, Cornes Motors Co., Ltd. (President & CEO: Seigo Hayashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo), an authorized Bentley dealer, has unveiled the CORNES 60th Edition, a special edition of only 18 of three models in the world, tailored exclusively for Bentley.

Cornes Motors signed an authorized dealership agreement with Bentley in 1964, and since 2000, as an authorized dealer, has been working to expand sales and promote the brand image of Bentley vehicles in Japan. The long-standing partnership between the two companies has been highly appreciated, resulting in the creation of this special model.

In addition to being the last monumental model to be powered by the engine, the CORNES 60th Edition was created by Mulliner, Bentley’s bespoke and coachbuild division with the highest craftsmanship. The unique 60th anniversary logo designed for this model and the interior and exterior coordination with pinstripes in the one-point colour, the latest trend on Bentley limited editions, further enhance the value of the limited model.

The lineup consists of 10 Continental GT models and 4 Continental GTC and Flying Spur models. Domestic deliveries are scheduled to begin in June 2024.
<3 Model Overview>

■「Continental GT – CORNES 60th Edition」

Five exterior colors are available.
The accent colors that will be combined will be as follows.

< exterior color + accent color>
1. Beluga + Pillar Box Red
2. Cumbrian Grey + Mandarin
3. Glacier White + Stratos
4. Moonbeam + Cyber Yellow
5. Magnetic + Kingfisher

[Vehicle body price (tax included)]42,500,000 yen

■「Continental GTC – CORNES 60th Edition」

The combination of exterior and accent colors is available in two colors.

< exterior color + accent color>
1. Beluga + Pillar Box Red
2. Glacier White + Kingfisher

[Vehicle body price (tax included)]45,500,000 yen

■「Flying Spur – CORNES 60th Edition」

The combination of exterior and accent colors is available in two colors.

< exterior color + accent color>
1. Glacier White + Stratos
2. Beluga + Kingfisher

[Vehicle body price (tax included)]38,500,000 yen
Based on the Azure model, which emphasizes comfort and well-being while driving
1. 60th Edition Bespoke Interior
2. Accent color split line on the front fascia panel for the 60th Edition
3. 60th Edition Emblem Embroidery
4. 60th Edition Scuff Plate
5. 60th Edition Emblem Embroidered Cushion
6. 60th Edition Colored Styling Specification
7. Blackline Specification
8. 22-inch 10-spoke wheels (black paint)

< "CORNES 60th Edition" dedicated site>

Corporate Press Release Details

* Product prices, specifications, and service details described in this news release are current as of the date of publication. Please note that it is subject to change without notice.

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