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United Kingdom
USA Unique Melody adopts bone conduction driver, 60 new earphones “MEST Indigo” limited to Japan

MixWave announced on April 25 that it will sell Unique Melody’s “MEST in digo” on April 28, limited to 60 units. It is a Japanese limited model of hybrid earphones equipped with various types of drivers including bone conduction type. The price is 319,800 yen.

The driver is equipped with 10 dynamic type, BA type x 4, electrostatic type x 4, and bone conduction type. The shell is made of aircraft grade carbon fiber. It has a face plate with a three-dimensional design of “stabilized fruit wood”. It is said that the pattern made by carbon fiber and pine cones is combined with a gold frame to give it a luxurious feel.

The bone conduction driver is sandwiched between the face plate and the support plate and vibrates the inside of the shell. The vibration travels through the bones and delivers music to the ears. Both sides of the piezoelectric ceramic are covered with a metal diaphragm, and the ceramic layer bends the metal plate to generate micro-vibration. With this double-sided vibration piezoelectric ceramic bone conduction driver, it is said that the bone conduction driver can be used in a full range.

The carbon fiber of the shell is high grade and lightweight, but it is so hard that it takes more than 12 hours per pair to carve with CNC. It is said that “Indigo Blue” has a mysterious design that sways by mixing the housing material and the fiber material. The face plate is made by mixing resin with pine cones arranged in a radial pattern, hardening it, and then carving it out with CNC. It has a smooth and three-dimensional design.

The metal filter has a twist structure and can be removed without using tools. If it gets dirty, it can be easily replaced. The included cable “UM Copper M3 Custom Cable” is specially designed for MEST indigo and consists of four high-end OCC conductors. The PVC sleeve that matches the housing color and the bronze metal Y splitter and slider that match the metal frame of the face plate create harmony in the design and create a sense of unity in appearance as well as sound.

The frequency response is 20Hz to 70kHz, the input sensitivity is 118dB, the impedance is 13.2Ω, and the earphone terminal is a 2-pin terminal. The terminal is 2.5 mm balanced, and comes with an adapter that converts to 3.5 mm unbalanced and 4.4 mm balanced, and a premium leather case. Ear tips are silicon 3 size (S / M / L) and thermoplastic “AZLA SednaEarfit Xelastec” (SS / MS / M).

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Unique Melody Mix Wave

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Hello…thanks for PSJ..i just got my package in all good condition.
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I was so very happy with my experience. I got a response within a couple days to my inquiry, very …

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1st time using this website to get an item that I want from Japan! 🙂 They are very efficient as …

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