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asobuy Co., Ltd. (Location: Nasushiobara, Tochigi Prefecture, Representative: Sokei Tani), which is engaged in online shopping business and crowdfunding business, announced on the crowdfunding site GREENFUNDING from October 6 (Friday) that the first model of the next-generation e-bike “MIXBIKE” “ADO Air 20 MIXBIKE” Japan limited model project has been released.

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It is a next-generation e-bike that fuses three models based on the concept of “bicycle, electric reed, and sometimes moped”.

As a bicycle, as an electric assist bicycle, as an electric motorcycle.

It is the first three-wield (bicycle, electric assist bicycle, moped type) electric bicycle that can run on public roads in Japan.

ADO is a next-generation mobility manufacturer boasting 15,000 users worldwide, and we develop products tailored to each region through integrated production from development in our own laboratory.

The “ADO Air 20 MIXBIKE” to be released this time is a limited edition Japan made for Japan people.

In the past, “all 3-way mobility vehicles with bicycles, electric assist bicycles, and electric motorcycle functions are treated as mopeds, so number registration is always required.”

Therefore, even if it can be used as a bicycle, it can only run on the roadway, and it is difficult to use it properly.

However, the ADO Air 20 MIXBIKE can be used for bicycles and electric motorcycles that do not require number registration and electric motorcycles that require number registration by removing parts at home.

Depending on the application, you can change the style and not be tied to the road you are driving on.

This highly flexible next-generation mobility MIXBIKE is patent-pending and is a new function only for Japan.

Of course, even if you are currently unregistered with a license or number, you can use it as an electric motorcycle by obtaining it at a later date.

*3 levels of power with built-in torque detection system, assisted by 350W

*Power battery that can travel up to 170 km with electric assist

* Ultra-lightweight 18.5 kg foldable so you can take it to the train with a bicycle bag.

* Hydraulic disc brakes that are comfortable and stop even in adverse conditions

* Carbon belt, maintenance-free chainless to prevent clothes from getting tangled

*IPX7 compliant IPS color display linked to the app

* Stylish Samsung battery with built-in saddle that can be charged with household power

* Can be equipped with an additional double battery
*Manufacturer certified to the international certification standard “SGS standard” and passed thorough endurance tests.

 * The body can be selected from 3 colors: ivory, gray, and light blue

Multiple courses are available depending on the usage style.

(Delivery will be shipped sequentially from December 2023)

● MIXBIKE electric assist bicycle

● MIXBIKE electric assist bicycle + loading platform, basket

● MIXBIKE electric assist bicycle + moped switching kit

● MIXBIKE electric assist bicycle + moped switching kit + loading platform, basket

● Moped switching kit

● Expansion battery

You can check the project from the following URL.

We expect 200~300 units to be shipped after the project ends on Monday, November 6.

In addition, we expect to sell 600 e-bikes per year from the general sales thereafter, aiming to further popularize e-bikes in Japan.

History of development

It all started with one question from a customer.

“Is this an electric assist bike, a moped?”

“Yes, if we develop a new product that does not need to bother customers in the first place, that can be used as an electric assist bicycle or a moped bike, the problem will be solved!

There are two points! Switchable and meet the standards of the Road Traffic Law in any form, it can be driven on public roads!”

Asobuy’s valley was hot in my chest, but I didn’t know that the wall in front of me was higher than I thought.

Actually, this idea has been around for several years.

However, although we approached various manufacturers for development, they all refused at that time.

“Isn’t it the conventional 3-way type?”

“Do security standards need to be so strict?”

“The market for Japan is small, so we use EU standards…”

The depressed valley halted this project for a while.

Around the time he forgot about the project, in December 2022, Tani met a young salesman at ADO and resumed the development of MIXBIKE.

2022.12 Road Traffic Act Survey, Product Planning

2022.12 Study on switching between electrically assisted bicycles and mopeds

2023.01 ADO Manufacturing Request, Project Kick-Off

2023.03 ADO Air 20 Crowdfunding (indiegogo) Exceeded 84 million yen

2023.03 First prototype completed

2023.04 Considering change of manufacturer of safety parts

2023.06 ADO visits Japan to consider improvement of the first prototype

2023.07 Prototype No. 2 completed

2023.07 Product name decision “MIXBIKE”

2023.07 (Lawyers) Legal Confirmation Investigation Started

2023.08 GREENFUNDING Project Decided

2023.09 Final improvement of mass-produced products

After the above, we have come to the present.

About the Operator

Distributor: ASOBUY Co., Ltd.

Main business: Online shopping business, crowdfunding business

Location: 406-89 Niku-cho, Nasushiobara-shi, Tochigi

Representative: Tani Soe

* We are planning to move the head office from the current Nasushiobara City to Yoshizawa, Nikko City on the following schedule.

・Until December R5: Nasushiobara City

・After January R6: Yoshizawa, Nikko City

Manufacturer: Shenzhen Umi Technology Co., Ltd.

Main business: Development, manufacturing, sales of electric bicycles

Country of origin: China

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