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United Kingdom

Awesome Service (2)

Date: May 17, 2020


Personal Shopper Japan proxy shopping service review title

  • Awesome Service


Where are you from, and what’s your name?

  • Malaysia, Michelle


What did you buy from Japan through our personal shopping service?

  • Asahi Cereal Bars


Please tell us about your experience with personal shopper service

  • I was skeptical as I wanted to ship food from Japan and there are many things that could go wrong. I tasted the cereal bars in Osaka once but I couldn’t find anywhere that sells it in boxes. Most of the convenience stores only sells whatever they have on the shelf which is usually less than a box of it. So I decided to try to order it when I got back to Malaysia.

    Everything went smoothly & I received my order within 2 weeks from the day I dropped my request. Initially, I was worried that it will get disfigured, but their packaging was so good that there were layers of protection using bubble wrap (labeled as a “fragile” item as well) and the cereal bars arrived in good condition.

    Their replies were prompt via email and usually within an hour.

    I will definitely use their service again.


From Personal Shopper Japan

  • Thank you for using our service and feedback.

    Our standard packaging works well in most cases, and so we have good reputation from our customers.
    We are happy to process your request again in near future.

    Thank you very much,
    Ninja J


Customer Reviews


Thank you very much personalshopperj. i have received the items …

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