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BMW Motorrad has launched the R1250GS Adventure Ultimate Edition, a limited-edition Japan of the touring enduro model R1250GS Adventure, on March 4, 2024. In addition, the new F900/800GS is scheduled to go on sale from March 22 of the same year.

A Japan limited edition model is now available in the popular enduro R1250GS

Powered by BMW Motorrad’s traditional two-cylinder horizontally opposed engine (boxer engine), the R1250GS adventure features a large fuel tank and a high level of functionality and comfort for long-distance touring on all terrains.

The newly announced Ultimate Edition features a simple and elegant Black Storm Metallic / Black / Agat Grey color scheme with high-quality machined aluminum parts, billet pack shadows, an aluminum fuel tank, an Akrapović sports silencer, a black-painted aluminum pannier case and top case, Specially equipped with a smoke high windshield.

In addition, a limited sticker with the words “ULTIMATE EDITION” printed on the front cowl and a limited emblem are attached to the vehicle and case, making the R 1250 GS Adventure more luxurious and ownership.

BMW R 1250 GS Adventure Ultimate Edition

【BMW R 1250 GS Adventure Ultimate Edition】



Manufacturer’s suggested retail price

BMW F 800 GS

Racing Blue Metallic

¥ 1,404,000

Light White

¥ 1,377,000

BMW F 900 GS

Light White / Racing Blue Metallic / Racing Red

¥ 2,095,000

Two new models have appeared from the F series, which is equipped with an inline 2-cylinder engine

Meanwhile, the F900GS and F800GS, the GS models of the F-series with inline twin engines, will be introduced with new models that pursue even more sophisticated off-road, touring and adventure performance.

Compared to the previous models, the F850/750GS, both models are equipped with a larger capacity and higher output engine. The F900GS and F800GS produce 77 kW (105 PS) and 64 kW (87 PS), respectively, with a significant increase in peak power of 10 PS each, as well as a richer torque curve for improved traction and acceleration.

Both models also come standard with two riding modes and advanced electronic controls such as ABS Pro and DTC. While it is equipped with an engine with increased output, it also ensures ease of handling.

Of particular note is the update to the F900GS. A wide range of innovations have been adopted, such as improved off-road characteristics and a significant weight reduction of around 14 kg compared to the previous model, which greatly expands the range of applications for the motorcycle and makes it particularly sporty.

The new F800GS, on the other hand, is suitable for a wide range of applications from entry-level riders to veteran riders, with competitive specifications and prices compared to competitors in the category.


【BMW F900GS】


【BMW F800GS】



Manufacturer’s suggested retail price

BMW F 800 GS

Racing Blue Metallic

¥ 1,404,000

Light White

¥ 1,377,000

BMW F 900 GS

Light White / Racing Blue Metallic / Racing Red

¥ 2,095,000

Price increase of 10 models from April

The announcement was naïve for the riders. From April 1, 2024, the prices of 10 models are scheduled to be revised. The price increase ranges from +9,000 yen to +178,000 yen, but if you want the model, now is the time to buy it.


Price changes

Amount of change

Effective April 1, 2024

Suggested retail price (tax included)

C 400 GT



CE 04



G 310 R


G 310 GS



F 900 R



F 900 XR



F 800 GS



F 900 GS


R 1250 R



R 1250 RS



R 1250 RT



R 1250 GS Adventure



R 1300 GS



R 18



R 18 Classic



R 18 Roctane



R 18 B



R 18 Transcontinental



K 1600 GT



K 1600 GTL



S 1000 R



S 1000 RR



M 1000 R



M 1000 RR



*This article was provided by BMW MOTORRAD and includes some promotional elements. * Please note that the contents of this website are as of the date of publication, and that the authenticity of the content is not guaranteed in the future, and that there may be deficiencies in the content as time passes after publication. * Unless otherwise noted, price information includes tax.

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