Cartier Cartier link slave chain necklace 42cm K18WG 18 gold white gold 750 [pre] 90059449

¥ 85,000

[commodity summary]
Cartier chain necklace with a chain width of 1.5 mm. Of course it is a jewelry that you can use even if it is tailored to the top and charm of your favorite Cartier as well as individual use.

[management number]
90059449 / X 106

[brand name]
Cartier (19459002) link slave chain necklace


[item rank]
9.5 points
(our shop's Please see the rank table.)

[product state]
Because it is polished and finished, it is in a beautiful state.

【gross weight】
5.5 g

There is an outer box Inner box
* Outer box somewhat torn

neck circumference 42 cm (unadjustable)
chain width 1.5 mm

Please note some errors as it will be hand measurement.
※ For brand jewelry, please be sure to consult beforehand so we can not accept the size correction. Please check the number of the ring etc with the manufacturer.

■ Please check before ordering ■
· This item will be genuine item of appraised already.
· It is a one-point thing for second-hand goods
· Please note that color may be different depending on the setting of the customer's personal computer, because colors are difficult to convey in images.
· Because we share in-store sales and inventory, it may become out of stock after your order. We appreciate your inconvenience, but we appreciate your understanding. Brand name: Cartier
link slave chain necklace
Material: 18 gold white gold
(engraved 750)
size: neck circumference 42 cm (unadjustable)
chain width 1.5 mm
Gross weight: 5.5 g
Accessories: With outer box Inner box present
* Outer box somewhat torn

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