Cartier CARTIER Trinity Necklace Gold Women's K18 White Gold K18 Pink Gold K18 Yellow Gold [中古]

¥ 95,680

[Control Number] vv – 08959 – hn
[Product Name] CARTIER [Cartier] Trinity Women's Material] K18 white gold K18 pink gold K18 yellow gold
[size] total length: about 37.5
top W about 10 mm x H about Necklace
[model number] –
[color] gold
10 mm
[Accessories] Storage boxes

[Item rank] A rank
Although it is finished new, it looks a bit small scratches and Kusumi through the lens.
It is not conspicuous with the naked eye.
New finish
Inside · Others) Metal part: Small scratch

Cartier's Trinity Necklace is the emergence! The best-in-class brand of shoelie! Baby Trinity! It can be used regardless of age or fashion, and it will make you glow at the party's seats! It is a fashionable gem that drifts elegance and luxury.
Size) Length: about 37.5 cm
Top W 10 mm x H 10 mm Total Weight: Approx. 4 g

Total Weight: About 4 g
Accessories: Storage Boxes
Marked Colors: Gold

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