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United Kingdom

Cartier Engraved diamond 1P ring # 48 Pt950 Platinum C de [Used] 90094060

¥ 53,000

[Product description]
Engraved wedding ring with one stone arranged on the side of the Cartier logo . Elegant jewelry where the brand is casually appealing with sparkling diamonds.

[Management number]
90094060 / X221

[Brand name]
Cartier (19459002) C de Cartier wedding ring

Diamond (described on the 0.03ct official page)
(engraved Pt950)

[Reference fee]
257,400 yen
Reference fee is each It is a price that was sold in the brand new store or sold in the past. (* 2/26 investigation)

[Product rank]
9.5 points
(Please refer to our rank table)

[Product state]
Polish -It is in a beautiful state because it has been finished.

[Total weight]
4.5 g

No outer box No inner box
Will be delivered in our jewelry case.

Notation # 48 (approximately No. 8)
Maximum width 3 mm / thickness 1.5 mm

Please note that some errors will be measured by hand.
* For branded jewelry, some products cannot be resized, so please consult us in advance. Please confirm the number of rings, etc. with the manufacturer.

■ Please check before ordering ■
-This item is a genuine product that has been verified.
-All items are unique because they are second-hand goods.
-Please note that colors may be difficult to convey in the image, and color differences may occur depending on the settings of your personal computer.
-Because we share inventory with store sales, it may be out of stock after ordering. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we appreciate your understanding. Brand name: Cartier
C de Cartier wedding ring
Material: Platinum
Diamond (described on the 0.03ct official page)
(engraved Pt950)
Size: Notation # 48 (approx. 8)
Maximum width 3mm / Thickness 1.5mm
Gross weight: 4.5g
Accessories: No outer box 箱 No inner box
Will be delivered in our jewelry case .

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