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United Kingdom

[サンローラン パリ] SAINT LAURENT PARIS Clutch Bag Second Bag YSL Men’s Outlet 478486 [並行輸入品]

It is a clutch bag that seems to be useful as a multi-case such as a tiger travel pouch. It has abundant card pockets and is convenient for storing passbooks.

* Since it is sold at the same time at the actual store and other stores, it may be unavoidably canceled due to inventory adjustment deviation.
* The photos may look different from the actual ones depending on the shooting and computer environment.
* Since the indicated size is the actual size of the sample for measurement, there may be some errors between the delivered product and the indicated dimensions.
* If it is determined that the purchase is fraudulent, we may cancel your order.
* In addition, if multiple purchases of time sale items are made by one person, the order may be cancelled.
Packing size: 25 x 16 x 2 cm; 200 g
Date available on 2020/1/27
Manufacturer Reference: 478486dze0e1000-zz
Division: Men’s

Fastener type: Fastener
■ Product number: 478486 DZE0E 1000 ■ Size: Approximately height 16x width 25cm ■ Weight: Approximately 200g ■ Specifications: Opening and closing: Zipper type Inside: Card pocket 6, open pocket 2 ■ Material: Croco embossed leather ■ Color: NERO Metal fittings Silver ■ Attachment: Box (seal peeling, box crushing, dirt, etc.) ■ Since the cut parts of the fabric are different one by one, the pattern may differ from the image.

[セリーヌ] Hand bag Big bag Bucket Nano 18724 GRAY [並行輸入品]

■ Product rank / condition
N (new)
■ Product description
Celine “BIG BAG BUCKET NANO” nano-sized bucket bag finished in a fashionable bucket-shaped form.
It is a handbag with a shoulder that you can feel the texture and texture of leather with a stable construction that is self-supporting.
The point is the functional leather belt that fastens the bag on the opening and closing. Loosening the belt widens the opening and closing, making it easier to put in and take out.
A gem that has a unique form but is elegant and you can enjoy the trendy atmosphere.
It will update the adult casual fashion to a seasonal style outfit.
■ Color
■ Size
(Approximately) W15cm x H21cm x D15cm
Handle: (approx.) 34 cm
Shoulder: (approx.)-109 cm
■ Model number
18724 3A4T 10DC
■ Material
■ Specifications
・ Open opening and closing type
■ Accessories
Storage bag strap tag
■ Serial number

Packing size: 20.5 x 19 x 15 cm; 460 g
Date available on 2021/9/3
Manufacturer Reference: 18724 3A4T 10DC
Division: Ladies

Outer fabric: leather
Strap type: Shoulder
[Size](approx.) W15cm x H21cm x D15cm Handle: (approx.) 34cm Shoulder: (approx.)-109cm
[Material / Color]Calfskin / GRAY
[Accessories]Storage bag Strap tag
[Specifications]・ Open opening and closing type

[ブルガリ] Long wallet 36970 OCTO [並行輸入品]

A simple wallet from the popular Bvlgari series[OCTO]. The brand logo is embossed on the front, making it a cool adult item.
There are many pockets and card holders on the inside, and there is a partition so that you can sort the bills. It can be fully stored even if you put a receipt etc., and it is also fully functional. In addition, it comes with a removable chain strap so you can use it by attaching a chain to the loop belt of your pants.
The unique texture and feel are comfortable, and the simplicity that can be used habitually for a long time is recommended as a reward for yourself or as a gift for your loved ones. * Because it is a parallel import product, the country of origin is diverse and may differ from the display. * Specifications may change depending on the arrival time.

Packing size: 19 x 9 x 3 cm; 204 g
Start date on 2018/8/2
Manufacturer: BVLGARI
ASIN: B07G4ML428
Product model number: 36970
Division: Men’s

Fastener type: Button
Vertical 9 cm x horizontal 19 cm x gusset 3 cm
Wallet: Yes
Coin purse: Yes
Card pocket: Yes
With chain strap (39 cm in total)

[ナイキ] AIR FORCE 1 ’07 LV8 LIGHT STONE / BLACK FIRST USE Men’s Sneakers Air Force 1 Elevate Low Cut Beige Gray DB3597-100 [並行輸入品]

Classic basketball shoes[AIR FORCE 1]that have been loved over time since their introduction in 1982. This basketball shoe is the first in history to incorporate “Nike Air” technology. A pair that is constantly revolutionizing sports and sneaker culture. So far, it has revolutionized the game and quickly swept the fields around the world. Even today, it inherits the soft and bouncy cushioning that changed the history of sneakers, and while being faithful to its roots, it has firmly established itself as an icon. This work is a memorial model that pays homage to the 50th anniversary year of the birth of the brand’s symbol[SWOOSH].
Date available on 2021/7/4
Manufacturer reference: db3597-100
Division: Men’s

[バーバリー] Tri-Fold Wallet Lark 8018959 Ladies Black [並行輸入品]

A BURBERRY tri-fold wallet that is loved by all ages and genders for its chic and elegant design.
The popular “TB” logo on the front is an eye-catching design.
It’s not bulky in your butt pocket or bag, but it has 6 card compartments and is more popular than it looks.
There is a coin purse in addition to the wallet and card compartment, so it is very easy to use.

A luxurious leather material that can be used by all ages.
A gem that can be used habitually for a long time, it is ideal not only as a reward for yourself but also as a gift for your loved ones.
* Because it is a parallel import product, the country of origin is diverse and may differ from the display. * Specifications may change depending on the arrival time.
Packing size: 14 x 11.4 x 4 cm; 80 g
Date available on 2020/12/1
Manufacturer: BURBERRY
Product model number: 8018959
Country of origin: Italy
Division: Ladies

Vertical 7 cm x horizontal 11 cm x gusset 3 cm
Wallet: Yes
Coin purse: Yes
Card pocket: Yes

[ナイキ] Air Jordan 1 Mid AIR JORDAN 1 MID White / Black / Pollen 554724-177 Nike Japan Genuine [並行輸入品]

The Air Jordan 1 MID shoes are designed in the image of the original AJ1. It offers fans who love retro Jordan a chance to trace a great history. The clean classic material is colored with fresh colors to add freshness to the familiar design.
Date available on 2021/10/7
Manufacturer Reference: 554724-177
Division: Men’s

Most of our products are “parallel imports”. When importing directly from overseas, some products may have damage to the product box, or may have markings or stickers attached. Please purchase after understanding.
From the popular Jordan series that continues to fascinate not only basketball but also various people around the world, the memorable first model “AIR JORDAN 1” mid-cut model NEW color has appeared.

Louis Vuitton Bag M69442 Monogram Petit Sack Plastic LOUIS VUITTON 2WAY Mini Shoulder Bag Handbag

Product size: 14 x 5 x 17 cm
Date available on 2020/8/15
Manufacturer: LOUIS VUITTON
Product model number: M69442
Division: Ladies

[With new genuine storage bag]LV Monogram Shoulder Bag “Petit Sack Plastic M69442”
Product number: M69442 ・ Product name: Louis Vuitton Monogram Petit Sackpla
Product details: Double handle-Inner flat pocket x1-Strap is removable, non-adjustable-Brass metal fittings: Gold-Trimming: Calf leather-Lining: Textile (color: Brown) -Material: Monogram canvas / Nume leather
Size: Horizontal 14 cm x Vertical 17 cm x Machi 5 cm ・ Length from the top of the strap to the top of the bag: 53 cm (width 1 cm)
Accessories: LOUIS VUITTON Storage bag * Since Nume leather is a natural material, it has a natural texture and has fine wrinkles and shades of color.

[マークジェイコブス]Tote Bag Shoulder Bag Ladies The Tote MARC JACOBS M0017027 263 Cream A4 compatible [並行輸入品]

MARC JACOBS tote bags are in stock ☆ An iconic tote bag with a strong logo print. We adopted a 2WAY design with a removable shoulder strap. With a wide bottom gusset and inner pocket, the storage capacity is perfect.
Packing size: 41.9 x 37.79 x 14.8 cm; 830 g
Date available on 2020/12/21
Manufacturer: MARC JACOBS
Manufacturer Reference: 3914836
Department: Womens

[Size]Approximately 33.5 cm wide x 27 cm long x 16 cm wide, handle length: approximately 34 cm, shoulder length: approximately 93-145 cm (diagonal cliffs are possible)
[Specifications]Opening and closing type: Zipper, Internal style: Zipper pocket x 1, Open pocket x 2, External style:-, Others:-, Weight: Approximately 830 g


Date available on 2020/11/28
Manufacturer reference: dc1788-029
Division: Men’s

Product code: dc1788-029

[プラダ] PRADA Wallet (Bi-Fold Wallet) 1MV204 QWA Saffiano Leather Metal Lettering Logo Bi-Fold Compact Wallet Ladies [ブランド] [並行輸入品]

It is a Prada PRADA wallet (bi-fold wallet).[Boutique line]A fashionable bi-fold wallet with black leather and logo fittings. By opening and closing the hook button, it is compact and has a high storage capacity such as a card pocket and a coin purse with a gusset, making it useful as a second wallet. With a genuine Prada BOX, it’s perfect as a gift!
Date available on 2021/11/24
ASIN: B09MJ9H822
Manufacturer reference: me-pr-ko210224-4
Division: Ladies

[Model number / Name]1MV204 QWA / SAFFIANO METAL PORTAF.VERTI.PICCOLO[Color]Nero F0002 NERO / Metal fitting color: Gold[Size]Width: 11.5cm Height: 9cm Machi: 2cm Weight: 80g[Specifications]Frontage: Hook button opening / closing Inside: Wallet x 1 Card holder x 3 Pocket x 2 Coin purse x 1[Material]Leather[Accessories]Guarantee card Genuine BOX * Attached box Damage such as scratches and peeling during transportation from overseas Please note that there may be cases.