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United Kingdom

FSDWG Shoulder Bag Business Bag Tote Bag Diagonal Bag Shoulder Bag Waterproof 2way Commuting Commuting Travel

one two three
Packing size: 38.2 x 34.29 x 5.8 cm; 640 g
Date available on 2022/2/24
ASIN: B09T978XF1
Manufacturer Reference: FSDWG0105-2-GREY
Department: Mens

[Light and large capacity]Even if it looks compact, it can store a long wallet in A4 size, a 500 ml PET bottle and a folding umbrella sideways, and can be used in various ways such as putting towels, binoculars, and PET bottle drinks in outdoor activities such as camping. I can.
[Shoulder bag regardless of target / location]With a simple and calm atmosphere, it can be applied to both men and women, students (high school students) and adults regardless of gender, age, season, or location. You can play an active part in various scenes such as shopping, outdoors, sports, travel, mountain climbing, commuting, commuting, business trip, etc. for everyday casual and business. A perfect gift for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, Christmas, etc.
[Perfect for gifts]As it is a popular gift for men, it is also ideal for birthday gifts, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, etc.
[Size](approx.) 38 cm wide x 29 cm long x 11 cm thick

[バレンシアガ]Folded wallet Ladies BALENCIAGA 391446 DLQ0N 1110 Gray [並行輸入品]

Balenciaga tri-fold wallet is in stock ☆ Balenciaga on the front. It is a chic and elegant design like Balenciaga with the accent of the PARIS logo print. Because it is compact, it fits comfortably in your bag or clothes pocket and is useful daily. Balenciaga Wallet 391446 DLQ0N 1110 PAPIER Paper Mini Ladies Tri-Fold Wallet Plain GRIS FOSSILE
Packing size: 15.9 x 15.5 x 6.9 cm; 50 g
Start date on 2019/12/26
Manufacturer: BALENCIAGA
ASIN: B0834L94N4
Manufacturer Reference: 3739686
Division: Ladies

[Size]Approximately 9.5 cm wide x 7 cm long x 2 cm thick,
[Specifications]Opening and closing type: Snap, Internal style: Wallet x 1, Card pocket x 3, External style: Coin purse x 1, Others :, Weight: Approximately 50 g

[ロエベ]Handbag Ladies LOEWE 327 02 S92 2435 Beige [並行輸入品]

LOEWE handbags are in stock ☆ Add a sharpness to the natural material with a logo patch. The adjustable length handle has a fresh look and practicality. It is also recommended to use your own scarf or fur to arrange it in your own way. It is an item that you can enjoy the feeling of pulling out unique to a lace-up basket. Loewe bag LOEWE 327 02 S92 2435 BASKET BAG basket ladies handbag plain NATURAL / TAN
Packing size: 46.6 x 29 x 14.6 cm; 380 g
Date available on 2020/2/4
Manufacturer: LOEWE
Manufacturer Reference: 3755932
Division: Ladies

Strap type: Adjustable
[Size]Approximately horizontal upper 41.5 cm / lower 27 cm x length 26 cm x width 17 cm, handle length: approx. 49-56 cm, pitch width: 7 cm
[Specifications]Opening and closing type: Open, Internal style:-, External style:-, Others:-, Weight: Approximately 380 g
[Accessories]Protective bag

[GUCCI(グッチ)]Muffler 570603 3GB18 4068 GG pattern muffler 75% wool 25% alpaca MID.NIGHTBL / BLUE Japan 37,190 (FREE size) [並行輸入品]

  • Part number: 570603-3GB18-1466
  • Product Name: GUCCI Fringe Muffler NIKKY Black / Gray Webbing
  • This is an outlet product.
  • A muffler with an eye-catching webbing in the GG pattern.
  • Product details: MADE IN ITALY
  • Size: Width approx. 36 cm x Length approx. 169 cm + Fringe 8 cm
  • Color: Black / Gray, Material: 75% wool, 25% alpaca
  • Accessories: None
  • * This is an outlet product, so it may have creases or fluff. Please note.

Packing size: 37 x 35 x 1 cm; 250 g
Start date on 2019/9/3
Manufacturer: GUCCI
Product model number: 570603-3GB18
Division: Unisex Adult

Material composition: 75% wool 25% alpaca
SIZE: FREE Width: 36cm Overall length: 190cm (Fringe: 8cm)
Care instructions: Dry cleaning

[グッチ] GG MARMONT Shoulder Bag 546581 DTDCT Ladies NERO [並行輸入品]

Shoulder bag of Gucci’s popular series[GG MARMONT]. Luxury design with GG logo metal fittings and chain shoulders on quilted leather. The compartments allow you to carry your luggage without breaking it apart.
Packing size: 28.2 x 18 x 9.4 cm; 840 g
Date available on 2021/3/24
Manufacturer: GUCCI
Product model number: 546581DTDCT
Division: Ladies

Strap type: Shoulder
Fastener type: Fastener
Vertical 10.5cm x Horizontal 20cm x Machi 7cm
No pockets
Weight: 370g
Shoulder overall length: 121.5cm
Number of card pockets: 2

[ロエベ] Lace-up shoes suede wedge M816284X06 gold

Date available on 2021/9/15
Manufacturer Reference: M816284X06 8130
Division: Men’s

Outer fabric: suede
Sole material or lining: rubber
Fastener type: Lace-up
[Size]Size notation: 39 Japan size: (approx.) 24.5cm Outsole: (approx.) 28cm Heel: (approx.) 4.7cm Height: (approx.) 12.2cm (including heel)
[Material / Color]Suede x Crepe Effect Rubber Sole / Gold
[Accessories]Storage box Storage bag

[ロエベ LOEWE] Ladies coin case / coin purse Pink 121.67.T40 6960

◆ Product name


Bunny charm

◆ Product description
[Rabbit motif charm with cute fluffy material]

・ LOEWE coin cases are in stock.
-A lovely design with a three-dimensional silhouette that gives you a feeling of commitment.
-A zip is attached to the top to make a coin case.
-A nice accent even if you attach it to your bag as a charm.
-It is a perfect item for yourself as well as a gift for your loved ones.
Product size: 9 x 6.5 x 8 cm
Date available on 2022/2/18
Manufacturer: LOEWE
Product model number: 121.67.T40
Country of origin: Spain
Division: Ladies

[Color]Pink (6960 WILD ROSE)
[Size]Vertical 8 Horizontal 9 Thickness 6.5 (cm)
[Material / Specifications]Shearing / Opening / Closing: Zip / Key ring, with key hook
[Accessories]Brand-only box, storage bag
[Style No]121.67.T40

[ロエベ] Tote bag Medium basket basket bag Tote bag (basket bag) A223S92X04 0059 2163 [並行輸入品]

LOEWE A basket bag with a refreshing atmosphere. A cool bag with natural leather handles and patches on a carefully woven body made from raffia. The distinctive leather handle is an eye-catching finish. The leather patch on the front is embossed with a large brand logo to add glamor to a simple bag.
* Due to the nature of the material, this product may have slight errors in size and color.
* The photos may look different from the actual ones depending on the shooting and computer environment.
* The list price is the suggested retail price (tax included) of the importer.
* Since this product is a parallel import product, some accessories may not be attached even if the product has an accessory description.
Please be aware of this before purchasing.
Date available on 2020/4/7
ASIN: B086TY982P
Manufacturer Reference: A223S92X0400592163
Division: Ladies

Size: Vertical 25 x Horizontal 29 (bottom) 40 (maximum width) x gusset 10 cm Handle: 45.2 to 53.2 cm (interval: 7 cm) Weight: 430 g
Color: NATURAL / WHITE (metal fittings: silver)
Specifications: Open / Close: Open Country of origin: Spain
Included: With brand storage bag

Loewe LOEWE bag shoulder bag gate frame small bag GATE FRAME SMALL BAG 321 74BT20 1934

Loewe’s shoulder bag with a smooth, high-quality calf. It features a form inspired by the saddle of horse riding. It is a design that combines functionality and fashion by inserting a flap into the belt tied at the front part and fastening it. Since it has a solid gusset, it has more storage capacity than it looks. The shoulders can be removed, so you can hold it like a clutch ♪ The metal frame from the side to the bottom emphasizes the sophisticated silhouette. Color: White x Wild Rose (1934)
Packing size: 24 x 17 x 15 cm; 760 g
Date available on 2021/6/1
Manufacturer Reference: 321 74bt20 1934
Department: Womens

Size (approx.) Length 19.5 x Width 27 x gusset 11 cm Shoulder: 102-118 cm (removable) Weight: 670 g
Inside pocket: 1 piece Outside: 1 piece

[ロエベ] Body bag Puffy 335.73.W75 [並行輸入品]

A LOEWE body bag that is loved by all ages and genders for its simple and elegant design.
With a pocket, you can put small items separately.
Adjustable length strap that can also be used as a waist pouch.
The popular Puffy line has chic colors and can be used regardless of the scene.

The luxurious leather material can be used habitually for a long time regardless of age, so it is ideal not only as a reward for yourself but also as a gift for your loved ones.
* Because it is a parallel import product, the country of origin is diverse and may differ from the display. * Specifications may change depending on the arrival time.
Packing size: 36 x 22.4 x 11.2 cm; 450 g
Date available on 2021/1/29
Manufacturer: LOEWE
Product model number: 335.73.W75
Country of origin: Spain
Division: Men’s

Fastener type: Fastener
Fastener type: Fastener
Vertical 16 cm x horizontal 32 cm x gusset 8 cm
Number of pockets: 1 (outside 1 / inside 0)
Weight: 280g