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On June 15, Citizen Watch will release a limited edition model in collaboration with Star Wars. The suggested price is 44,000 yen. The design was based on the world’s first “thermo sensor” equipped with a temperature measurement function in 1982.

Citizen Releases Limited Star Wars Limited Edition Models (Source: Press Release, hereinafter referred to as the same)

The design of the thermosensor has been reprinted, and four models are available: “R2-D2”, “C-3PO”, “X-wing Starfighter”, and “Spaceship Millennium Falcon”. Each motif is engraved on the back lid, and a special box limited to Japan and a card printed with each character are enclosed.

Engraved each motif on the back lid

R2-D2 Models

The R2-D2 models are based on blue and white livery. The analog display in the upper left is an image of the R2-D2’s distinctive lens, and the silhouette of the head is designed in the upper right. All the characters on the functional display of the dial are unified in a futuristic typeface. The quantity is 300 bottles.

R2-D2 Models

C-3PO model

The C-3PO model is based on the gold coloring, with wiring on the fuselage for the analog display and a three-pronged emblem on the center of the abdomen and the back of the head. In addition, an embossing process that frames the head is drawn on the outer circumference of the dial. The quantity is 300 bottles.

C-3PO model

X-wing Starfighter Model

The X-wing starfighter model used a technique called weathering to recreate the grip of the red lines and the atmosphere of the well-used aircraft. The analog display in the upper right corner is designed with a five-line marking called “RED5”. The quantity is 200 bottles.

“Fighter X-wing Starfighter” model

Millennium Falcon Spacecraft Model

The Millennium Falcon model spacecraft has a silhouette of the aircraft arranged on the entire dial with line drawings. The analog display in the upper left represents the image of the aircraft projected on the control panel, and the upper right represents the trajectory of the stars during the hyperdrive. The groove at the bottom of the case is colored light blue in the image of the light emission of the engine nozzle. The quantity is 200 bottles.

“Millennium Falcon” model

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