-Collaboration project between Plus and Sailor Pen Co., Ltd. Increase the lineup and resell the 4th edition! ~ “Kakurie Premium Cross x Professional Gear Slim Night Cherry Blossom Limited Set”

This product is a 3-piece set of notebook, fountain pen, and bottle ink with the theme of “night cherry blossoms. In this resale, we will change the fountain pen from one type of conventional medium and fine print (MF) in response to customer’s request. You can now choose from a total of 4 character widths, including 3 types of character widths: fine (F), medium (M), and bold (B).
The notebook has gold stamping on the cover to express the gorgeous cherry blossoms that dance at night. The fountain pen has the image of the night sky and is studded with fine gold glitter and cherry blossoms throughout her transparent blue body. The 14-karat gold nib and lid also have a one-point cherry blossom pattern. In addition, the ink color is mauve pink, which is the image of cherry blossoms at night. The gift box also adopted his color reminiscent of cherry blossoms at night. An elegant stationery set that allows you to enjoy writing while being moved by the petals of cherry blossoms.
It is also recommended as a reward for yourself, new students, and gifts for close friends, including those who like fountain pens.Limited quantity sale
The selling and manufacturer’s suggested retail price (tax included) is 28,600 yen.
● This project is a collaboration product realized through the business and capital tie-up between Plus and Sailor Pen Co., Ltd. (2018).

≪Main product features≫
■ A set of 3 items with the theme of cherry blossoms at night

・ “Ca.Crea Premium Cross” (plus)
A4 x 1/3 size notebook that fits neatly on A4 paper folded in three.cover
Uses a durable paper cloth.The inner paper is a cream color that is easy on the eyes and is a fountain pen.
Uses Passepied cream paper, which is hard to strike through and set off, has high smoothness, and is comfortable to write on. It opens firmly with thread binding.

・ “Professional Gear Slim” (Sailor fountain pen)
A slim type fountain pen with a thin body, lightweight and easy to handle for women, with a focus on writing comfort and highly original decoration. Because it is a gold pen, you can write even more easily.
In addition to the general medium and fine characters (MF), the lineup has been expanded to a total of four character widths: fine characters (F), medium characters (M), and bold characters (B). You can choose the character width according to your favorite writing comfort.

・ “Dye bottle ink” (Sailor fountain pen)
A limited edition mauve pink toned with the image of cherry blossoms at night. The purplish pink is beautifully colored on the cream-colored inner paper of the notebook, and you can enjoy the shades of color. In addition, the label has gold foil stamping on the gradation that imaged the night sky. Easy to use up and comes in a cute 20ml mini bottle.

[Product Name]”Kakurie Premium Cross x Professional Gear Slim Night Cherry Blossom Limited Set”
[Release date]April 7, 2022
[Package size]W120mm x D230mm x H50mm
[Sales route]Sailor shop https://sailorshop.jp/, Amazon, LOHACO, stationery stores, specialty stores, etc.
[Set contents / price]

● Cleaning with a disinfectant containing alcohol

◆ What is “PLUS x Sailor Fountain Pen Collaboration Project”?
This is a limited-edition stationery set that combines a plus note with a sailor fountain pen and bottle ink in a fashionable unified color. In February 2019, we released the “Kakurie Premium Cloth x Profit Junior Limited Set” with motifs that make you feel Japan of “Mt. Fuji”, “Sakura” and “Orizuru”. In September of the same year, the second design with the pets “cat”, “goldfish” and “dog” familiar to Japanese people was released. Furthermore, in March 2020, the third “Sakura” symbolizing spring in Japan, and in March 2021, the fourth “Sakura at night”. In December 2021, the 5th “Yukika” was released. It has been very well received, especially by fountain pen lovers.
* Some sales have ended.

* The information contained in this press release is current as of the date of the announcement. Please note that it is subject to change without notice.

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