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Daimaru Umeda store’s June 10th good luck campaign! June 10th is a great luck day when “one grain ten thousand times day” and “heavenly forgiveness day” overlap. On such a “lucky day”, it is recommended to buy a new wallet or watch and start using it! : Jiji Dot-Jiji Press News

[Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Store Co., Ltd.]

Period: 6/1 (Wednesday) → 6/10 (Friday) Location: Each floor Target products: Wallets (leather accessories), handbags, watches

At the Daimaru Umeda store, we will help you with your shopping that will lead to your good luck on the big luck day when “One grain ten thousand times day” and “Tenkan day” overlap!

As well as a selection of wallets and watches, we will give you a good luck fortune for Daimaru / Matsuzakaya app members only! This is your chance to win a high-value coupon of up to 10,000 yen. There will also be a fortune-telling hall for popular events on the 3rd floor. On the last strongest luck day (3/26), customer interest in the luck day is increasing, with wallet sales about five times higher than the previous year. Why don’t you participate in wonderful shopping and events at Daimaru Umeda on this day when your luck is rising?

・ What kind of day is one grain ten thousand times day ・ Amnesty day in the first place?・
What is one grain ten thousand times a day? : It means that “a grain of paddy becomes a splendid rice ear that is ten thousand times more fruitful”, and it is said to be a good day to start anything.
What is Amnesty Day? : It is said to be a good day on the Japanese calendar, and if you want to start something new or try something, this day is recommended. Customers are also paying more attention to the day when two auspicious days overlap as a great luck day.

We are waiting for you at the store on the day of great luck!

Good luck campaign at Daimaru Umeda store! Good luck fortune! !!

[Daimaru / Matsuzakaya App members only! Good luck fortune]
Period: 6/1 (Wednesday) → 6/10 (Friday)
Location: Each floor Target products: Wallets (leather accessories), handbags, watches
Customers who purchase the target product for 5,500 yen or more including tax during the period will receive a good luck fortune.
Daikichi 10,000 yen app coupon, Nakayoshi 500 yen coupon, Kokichi good luck sticker
You can also try your luck at the Daimaru Umeda store by 6/10, which is the day of good luck.
Please try the good luck fortune that makes you feel more and more lucky!

↑ There is a lucky spot near the entrance on the 3rd floor! It is a good luck fortune teller.

Recommended wallet & watch lineup

[Women’s clothing on the 1st floor]A wide variety of wallets, from tri-fold wallets to long wallets!

Tri-fold wallet 13,200 yen including tax
Easy-to-use designs such as the Emma series, which has an eye-catching luster, are popular.

Long wallet a: 16,500 yen including tax b. 19,800 yen including tax
The delicate openwork reminiscent of lily flowers sparkles like a bijou.

Long wallet a. 25,300 yen including tax b. 27,500 yen including tax c. 22,000 yen including tax
d. Bi-fold wallet 27,500 yen including tax
Elegant dyeing and embossing are the points.

[Handbag on the 4th floor]The wallet of a popular brand of women’s bags is also a nice design!

Taby Medium Wallet Signature Denim 38,500 yen including tax
A collection of brightly shaded denim with logo fittings.

Long wallet Right: 31,900 yen including tax Left :. 29,700 yen including tax
New color “Antique Ruby” of popular series that imaged stained glass

Zip card case 16,500 yen including tax
A freshly popping pink grapefruit print. It is a PVC material that is not easily scratched.

[8th floor men’s clothing]Lots of wallets made from carefully selected materials!

Long wallet 27,500 yen including tax
We use white egret leather, which has been carefully tanned by skilled tanners with high technical skills.

Wallet with coin purse (without strap) 19,800 yen including tax
b. Wallet with coin purse (with strap) 19,800 yen including tax
c. Card type wallet 17,600 yen including tax
A new mini wallet that has become “more compact”. It is durable with few parts and sewing, and can be fully stored even if it is small.

Long wallet a. Tax-included 42,900 yen b. Tax-included 31,900 yen c. Bi-fold wallet tax-included 27,500 yen
Uses calf leather from Dupuis, France. The unique gentle color and touch are attractive.

June 10th is the anniversary of time! It is also recommended to buy a new watch or start using it.

Chronomat 32 Japan Edition 599,500 yen including tax
Japan limited model with beautiful black mother-of-pearl color

TAG Heuer Aquaracer Professional 200 330,000 yen including tax
The sophisticated smoky color dial is reminiscent of the dark sea.

There is also a lucky spot at the 15th floor gold festival!

↑ 15th floor event Gold Festival (June 1st → June 7th) “Amethyst Aquarium”
Water brings good luck and amethyst brings good luck, so we made the two mariage.

Why don’t you choose a big luck day where two auspicious days overlap on the day when you make a new purchase of familiar items such as wallets and watches, and the day when you start using it. Enjoy shopping that will boost your luck and mood for the day of great luck!

To details of corporate press release (2022 / 06 / 04-15: 47)

You can buy Luxury Brand Watches safely and ship securely through Personal Shopper Japan buying service.

Please let us know which item do you need, then we can send you the quote and you can start the secured shopping.

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誠實可靠, 在高價物品中的服務費上也打了非常多的折扣, 下次一定再來.
I entrusted them with a 2000 dollars laptop and I was not disappointed. They gave me …

Perfect Service!!

Thank you very much, Ninja J for providing top-notch service again! So happy to receive my products, and they arrived …

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Have you watched Mission Impossible? If yes, good, if no, then no problem, just read on. PSJ is like your …


今年、NINJA J-さんに買ってもらった初品物。
始めて、日本のポケモンオンラインストアが使った。注文してから、二週間以内に、無事に届いた。また、よろしくお願いします。 …

Perfect .

Awesome . Received my parcel in perfect condition . Very nice communication .
Highly recommended …!!! …

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