In commemoration of the launch of BERING’s new Air-Titanium Chrono series, the women’s and men’s brand watch specialty store “On Time” and the watch shop “Move” that selects and proposes watches that match lifestyles in the loft, a fair will be held.
During the period, customers who purchase BERING products will receive an original novelty on a first-come, first-served basis.
It will end as soon as it is gone, so please take this opportunity.


Event details: During the period, those who purchase a BERING watch will receive original watch care goods on a first-come, first-served basis. It will end as soon as it is gone.
Venues: On-Time Move 30 stores
Details: https://bering.jp/news/fair-campaign/8664/

BERING’s lightest collection of air titanium, excellent corrosion resistance and resistance to metal allergies.

The case size is 43 mm, and the link bracelet has a profound appearance, but you will be surprised by its lightness when worn.

This high-spec collection features a highly visible dial design, date display, luminous hands, and chronograph function.

BERING was born inspired by the pure and clean nature of the Arctic. Depicting the mysterious Northern Lights curtain of light in the Arctic sky, the Northern Lights, a collection limited to Japan, presents a special design just for that year once a year.

A pearl dial that expresses the ever-changing flickering of light that undulates like a wave, and a cross dial that expresses a green band of light that extends in a straight line in the night sky. This is a special collection where you can enjoy the change of light.

The two genderless watches are limited to 300 pieces each and have a serial number engraved on the back case.


Founded in 2010 by Danish adventurer Rene Kaerskov. It features innovative items that combine the mysterious, ephemeral and powerful icy world of the Arctic with Denmark’s unique minimalist design. The streamlined form and glow of the Northern Lights floating peacefully in the Arctic sky, the mighty and unparalleled robustness of permafrost, and the magnificent healing power that envelops everything. Inspired by all of this, Bering’s craftsmanship embodies the philosophy that “even when it is always flowing, it will shine forever and unchanging, just like the magnificent nature of the Arctic.” In addition, through Bering’s unique “time to care” charity, we have supported Polar Bears International since its inception to protect polar bears. The donation will be used specifically for research and conservation of polar bears in Alaska and Norway.  

▼Brand Store
▼Concept Store
NORDIC FEELING(Omotesando Gallery/Yurakucho/Online Site https://www.nordicfeeling.jp/)
▼Concept Corner

・ 8 on-time affiliated stores (Shibuya/Ikebukuro/Kyoto/Umeda/Kobe/Tenjin/Move Marquiz Minato Mirai/Move Ueno Marui)
・12 TiCTAC affiliated stores (Sapporo Stellar Place, Sendai Parco, Niigata Billboard Place, Kashiwa Takashimaya Station Mall, Grand Duo Tachikawa, Yokohama Torque, Kanazawa Forus, Nagoya Takashimaya Gate Tower Mall, Junk Surkua Osaka, Mint Kobe, Amu Plaza Hakata, Fukuoka Parco)

 BERING Japan sole import agent: Rhythm Group iNEXTGE, Inc.
 Official Brand Site: http://bering.jp/ 

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