Dig deep into the stationery store! Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Store “STATIONERY STATION” approaching the charm of “Hobby Stationery Box” April 2022 issue vol.61 “Birth of Stationery Station” 2022/3/15 … –PR TIMES

“Hobby Stationery Box” April 2022 issue vol.61 “Birth of Stationery Station”

“Hobby Stationery Box” April 2022 issue vol.61 “Birth of Stationery Station” / Cover / Special Feature

A deep book that approaches the charm of “STATIONERY STATION”, which opened on the 5th floor of the Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Store on Saturday, February 26, 2022, has been completed! Furthermore, in this issue, we will introduce the creative note-taking of Gota Nishidera, who is active as a vocalist of the band “NONA REEVES”. Also, in the popular series “Glass Pen Story”, we visited “Glass Kobo LUC (https://nao-g.jimdofree.com/)”. In addition, there is a lot of information on new brand fountain pens and ink products.

“Hobby Stationery Box” April 2022 issue vol.61 “Birth of Stationery Station” / “Opening of Stationery Station”

Special feature “Stationery station opening”
A new stationery store “STATIONERY STATION” will open on Saturday, February 26, 2022 at the Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Main Store (Chuo-ku, Tokyo), a department store that has attracted the attention of writing tool fans at traditional events such as the “World’s Mannen Brush Festival”. did. There are about 3,000 types of high-end stationery, including stock. There are many attractive items such as practical writing tools, carefully selected paper products, Japanese stationery, and limited items of “STATIONERY STATION” original. In this way, it is the first attempt since the first issue of “Hobby Stationery Box” to focus on one stationery store and create a special feature. In the special feature, we created a bird’s-eye view of the store and conducted thorough coverage for each area.

“Hobby Stationery Box” April 2022 issue vol.61 “Birth of Stationery Station” / “STAs Enjoyment Tour with Mai Tezuka”

In addition, the actress “STAs enjoyment tour with Mai Tezuka” is also planned. We also introduce items from brands carefully selected by “STATIONERY STATION”. Please take a look at the “Stationery Station Strategy Guide”, a must-read for stationery box fans!

“Hobby Stationery Box” April 2022 issue vol.61 “Birth of Stationery Station” / “Creator’s Notebook”

“Creator’s Note”[ミュージシャン 西寺郷太さん]
Gota Nishidera, who also provides and produces music for artists, as well as vocals for the band “NONA REEVES” (http://www.nonareeves.com/). The moment he creates creative words, he always has a notebook and a pencil beside him. We will approach the “note method” that he established, who has lived as “handwriting” since he was a boy.

Stationery station opened

Creator’s note of musician Gota Nishidera

・ Glass pen story
・ Stationery LIFE of Hoshino Katsura
・ The latest information on high-end stationery
・ Nobuko Tsutsumi / Give me happiness!Brand stationery
・ Bechori / Let’s enjoy Hand Lettering
・ Makiko Fukushima / I was fascinated by the excellent cospa pen
・ Bruce Imon / USA⇔Japan Stationery bridge
・ Kyo Kohinata / Thinking of a loved bird
・ Yoshimura Hirom’s notebook Dora There are mountains and valleys
・ Mori Mutsumi / Fountain pen anatomy course
・ Koichi Furuyama’s stationery exploration
・ Pen and message. Standard product

Hobby Stationery Box July 2022 vol.62 “Practical Stationery Resonating with the Five Senses (tentative title)” Scheduled to be released on June 14, 2022
Stationery is a tool that anyone can enjoy in various lifestyles such as work, private life, travel, interaction with people, and so on. We will introduce carefully selected the latest high-quality stationery that is easy to use and gives you a happy time and a comfortable mood!
* The title is a tentative title. The contents of the notice are subject to change.

<"Hobby Stationery Box" official website "Hobby Bun CLUB">

What is a “hobby stationery box”?
A quarterly magazine that conveys the joy of writing by hand and the appeal of stationery as a writing tool. Good stationery and popular writing tools are full of functional and analog taste, and have a charm cultivated in history. We introduce the various charms of writing tools to a wide range of stationery fans, from young people to adults, from the perspective of hobbies and practical use, such as fountain pens and beautiful and functional stationery. It is published four times a year (3 • 6 • September • December).

“Hobby Stationery Box” Cover: January 2022 / October 2021 / July 2021

The latest lineup of “hobby stationery boxes”
January 2022 Vol.60 (Released on December 8, 2021) “Fully open! I want to handwrite”
October 2021 issue vol.59 (released on September 6, 2021) “Ink love never stops”
July 2021 issue vol.58 (released June 14, 2021) “I want a glass pen”

Use the tree as a notebook. Started selling notebooks from “Shiki bun”
A limited edition spring-like color is now available for stress-free writing comfort ballpoint pens
The second set of ready-to-use fountain pens with mini-sized ink is on sale in limited quantities

■ Company profile
Company name: Heritage Co., Ltd.
Person in charge: Corporate Planning Office (Public Relations: Hirata)
Address: 43-17 Yarai-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0805
TEL: 03-3528-9790
MAIL: info@heritage.inc
Business hours: Weekdays from 10:00 to 18:00


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