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Dynabook T75 / UGS 1 PT75UGS – BWAT 3

¥ 160,000

[Microsoft Office] Toshiba laptop computer dynabook T75 / UGS 1 Core i 7 Windows 10 HDD: 2 TB memory: 8 GB x 2 touch panel 15.6 inch full HD PT 75 UGS – BWAT
【A rank: 】 Outlet special price goods. It is already confirmed and cleaned at the accredited factory in Japan.
◆ We will accept returned items even if opened only within 30 days from the date of purchase.
If you are not satisfied with the purchased item, please return it at any time.
OS: Windows 10 Home 64bit
OS: Windows10 Home 64bit
* Scratches on the packing box, partial opening, all accessories included (excluding mouse batteries etc.), manufacturer’s warranty none with touch panel 15.6 CPU: i7-6500U
2 TB / memory 8 GB x 2
Warranty: our 6 month warranty (without manufacturer’s warranty)

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Customer Reviews


第一次用 Ninja J 的服務,十分滿意!

發 email request 後,不到一個小時便回覆及幫我找到我想要的 item!

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