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Even at home, for shiny hair that looks like it was finished in a salon. Dyson, which handles a variety of home appliances, has released the Supersonic Shine, a Japan-limited edition hair dryer.

The official release date is set for May 31 (Wednesday), but it will be released sequentially at Dyson’s official online store and directly managed stores, as well as affiliated hair salons and electronics retailers.

Reproduce the “salon blow” by a professional stylist!

Known for its world’s first cyclone vacuum cleaner and wingless fans, the brand features outstanding technology and original and stylish design.

The same goes for the hair dryer, which was born in 2016, creatively disrupting conventional stereotypes. In 2011, he developed a “floating hair suppression tool” and succeeded in incorporating professional finishing techniques to add luster to the surface of hair.

The aim of the Japan limited edition model released this time is to reproduce the “salon blow” using a brush and dryer by a professional stylist. Even at home, you can expect a finish like returning from a beauty salon.

3 types of attachments to make your partner’s hair beautiful

There are three types of attachments attached. When equipped with a “low-temperature tool”, the air temperature is reduced by up to 20°C, while the air volume increases from 2.4 cubic meters / min to 3.0 cubic meters / min, and can be quickly dried by a gentle breeze.

The “Smooth Tool” dries hair while aligning it with a smooth and uniform wind speed, making it silky with a silky finger feel. In addition, the concentrated wind allows pinpoint styling of bangs and tips.

The Gloss Tool, which is a redesign of the conventional “Hair Floating Prevention Tool”, is equipped with two modes. When wet, use the “Smooth Brush Mode” to dry your hair and adjust the undulation.

In the “Floating Hair Suppression Mode”, the Coanda effect, which adheres to the surface due to the difference in pressure, is used to achieve a cohesive and beautiful finish.

“Supersonic Shine” was also used behind the scenes of fashion shows. If you have this dryer at home, your partner may naturally increase the number of sleepovers.

Dyson Supersonic Shine Hair Dryer
Official online store: https://www.dyson.co.jp/hair-care/hair-dryers/dyson-supersonic-ionic/dyson-supersonic-shine-teaser.aspx

PR TIMES:https://prtimes.jp/main/html/rd/p/000000092.000042335.html


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