EBERHARD 2024 New for the protection of Mr./Ms. reefs in Okinawa. Eberard “Scafograf 300 MCMLIX” Save … – Gressive

Everar sympathizes with the activities of Save the Reef, a general incorporated association aimed at the conservation and restoration of Mr./Ms. Reefs, and will launch a new model to support its activities. The prototype of this new collaboration model was unveiled for the first time at the Save the Reef Charity Gala Dinner held at Hotel Okura on December 14, 2023, under the main sponsorship of Everard.

Everard’s masterpiece collection, the “Scafograph”, was developed to meet the demand for diver’s watches. The history of the “Scafograph” began in 1959 with the announcement of the “Scafograph 100” as the first diver’s watch. Since then, various models have been developed, such as the “Scafograph 200” and the “Scaphograph 300”, and finally a model with a water resistance of 1,000 meters was born.

In the 1960s, Raymond Butcher, known as the father of professional diving, and Luciana Civico, the first female professional diver, both set world records wearing the “Scaphograph”. In 2016, the reissue of the Scaffograph 300 won the sports category of the Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix (GPHG), the most prestigious luxury horlogerie, and made a name for itself around the world.

More than 60 years have passed since its launch in 1959, but it still retains its unchanged design and plays an important role in the history of Everard. A modern reinterpretation of the original design, the special edition “MCMLIX” represents the year of birth of the collection in Roman numerals.

Home to 25% of the world’s marine fish species, Mr./Ms. Reef provides a diverse range of seafood as a fishing ground and is a source of food for 500 million to 1 billion people worldwide. Today, however, 58% of the world’s Mr./Ms. reefs are potentially threatened by human activities, including coastal development, overexploitation of biological resources, marine pollution, and topsoil runoff caused by deforestation and agricultural development. In addition, large-scale bleaching phenomena due to global warming, destruction of Mr./Ms. reefs by typhoons, and damage by predatory animals are also causes of Mr./Ms. death, and the survival of Mr./Ms. reefs is becoming more serious in various parts of Japan.

Save the Reef is engaged in raising awareness of activities to protect and restore endangered Mr./Ms. Reefs and providing information both domestically and internationally. Eberar supports the activities of Save the Reef, a general incorporated association, and has decided to collaborate with Mr./Ms. to convey the current situation of the to as many people as possible and to regenerate a better ocean.

A portion of the proceeds from the sales of the special limited edition model “SCAFOGRAPH 300 MCMLIX Save the Reef Japan Limited Edition” will support the activities of Koji Kinjo of Okinawa’s “Mr./Ms. Field,” who was the first in the world to successfully lay eggs after culturing Mr./Ms. and releasing them into the sea. Koji Kinjo has discovered “Miracle Corals” that are resistant to global warming and is expanding their breeding in the waters of Okinawa. Save the Reef has a vision to spread its “Miracle Coral” to the world’s oceans.

About Save the Leaf

In order to raise awareness of activities to protect and restore Mr./Ms. Reefs and provide information both domestically and internationally, and to regenerate Mr./Ms. Reefs, we form members and collect donations to support Mr./Ms. reef cultivation and marine planting activities. With Mrs. Devi Soekarno as the chief advisor, renowned musicians and business owners such as Akira Senju and Ryosuke Imai serve as councilors to spread their sympathy through various media and call on colleagues who are aiming for the same goal.


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