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Non-existent imagesFor accents in black dresses! Add a sense of class with the sparkle of diamonds

The “Classic Carré Ladies” gives an elegant shine to a modest yet elegant black dress. The square minute track that matches the case and the croc-like navy strap that can be used by people of all ages give an elegant and sophisticated impression. The dial is decorated with a spade hour hand and a leaf minute hand, and one that sticks to classical details such as the classic onion-shaped crown. The side of the rose gold-colored case is set with 34 diamonds, making your hand more gorgeous.

“I am delighted with the accessible price range that pursues ‘affordable luxury’ even though it is authentic Swiss-made, and I am particularly attracted to the dignified appearance of the square case that gives a sense of intelligence and elegance. The Japan limited edition model has a rose gold-colored case and diamonds that make your hand look gorgeous, and the navy strap can be worn with any outfit, so you want to wear it every day regardless of the trend. The luxurious sparkle of gold × diamonds looks great on a black dress and is perfect for the holiday season!” (Editor MOE)

Watch “Classic Carré Women” (diamond×calf leather strap× stainless rose gold plate, case diameter 23×21mm, quartz, Japan limited)¥346, 500 / Frederick Constant

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Non-existent imagesA statement watch that adds a casual scent to your hand

This season, the handsome tailored jacket is also aimed at nuanced colors that blend well with the skin. Let’s create a sense of adulthood with a relaxing silhouette that does not easily emphasize the lines of the body. If you want to add a touch of class to your hand, let the diamond-sparkling “Classic Carré Ladies” peek out from the cuffs of your jacket. Carré, which means “square” in French, was inspired by the elegant and fashionable women of the late 1920s. Roman numeral indexes, hands and minute tracks are combined in navy color to give an elegant impression.

“Watches are more about expressing the individuality of the wearer than jewelry, so I want to enjoy free layering as an extension of fashion. For the Classic Carré Ladies, try layering a delicate chain brace to complement the diamonds on the side of the case. The leather strap has a classic image, so you can layer a cord breath with a charm to add a sense of playfulness. Try to be cute so that the jacket doesn’t get too stiff when you roll up your sleeves.”

Classic Carré Women’s Watch (Diamond× Stainless Steel× Calf Leather Strap, Case Diameter 23×21mm, Quartz, Limited Japan) ¥324,500 / Frédéric Constant

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Non-existent imagesON for knitwear like jewelry! Wearing a rich sparkle at hand

A minimalist knit that completes a discreet yet smart quiet luxury. By aligning it with soft colors and one tone, an adult feeling is completed. If you want to enjoy the fashion unique to autumn and winter, you can turn on the watch on the knit and enjoy it like jewelry! The “Classic Art Deco Carré” is eye-catching with a sharp rectangular case, and the combination of stainless steel and rose gold plate creates a rich hand. The timeless classical design, such as the mother-of-pearl dial and guilloché decoration, is perfect for everyday partners.

“Knitwear, which tends to be casual, is a jewelry-like watch that adds elegance! The “Classic Art Deco Carré” that elegantly decorates the hand has an elegant combination of square form and Roman indexes, and is a design that can be used regardless of the scene. I change my jewelry every day depending on my mood, but I want to keep a watch that I have a special feeling for. With the combination of stainless steel and rose gold plate, I can use it without worrying about the jewelry or bag fittings to match.”

Classic Art Deco Carré watch (MOP dial, stainless steel× rose gold plate, case diameter 28×20.7mm, quartz) ¥170,500 / Frédéric Constant

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Non-existent imagesA bright purple dial that shines against a dignified white shirt

A clean white shirt with a neat feeling is a must-have item that expands the range of outfits. If it’s office casual, pair it with wide pants for a modern look. If you want to dress dressy, layer a gorgeous mini dress for a playful arrangement! As a contrast color at hand, I chose “Classic Art Deco” with an eye-catching new pale purple dial. The continuous wave pattern decoration is surrounded by mother-of-pearl, while large Roman numerals and Breguet hands create an elegant atmosphere.

“‘Classic Art Deco’ has an intelligent impression of the combination of Roman numerals. The oval-shaped case and bracelet are extremely comfortable to wear, making it a casual accent on your hand. Not only to dress up, but also to wear a pale purple dial and a high-quality white shirt for everyday office scenes. If you want to enjoy the fashion of the plus α, enjoy gorgeous layering such as colored stone rings, diamonds, and simple gold rings, with the watch as the main character. A watch is an item that speaks volumes about a person’s style, so it is important to make sure that they can be used for both work and personal life, and that they are satisfied when they look at it and wear it.”

Watch “Classic Art Deco” (MOP dial, stainless steel, case diameter 30×25mm, quartz) ¥203,500 / Frédéric Constant

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What are the three reasons why Frederick Constant is chosen?

(1) High-quality watches made in Switzerland
Based on the concept of “affordable luxury”, “Frédéric Constant” has a mission to deliver high-quality, affordable Swiss watches to many users. High-quality watches unique to Swiss-made continue to be supported by both men and women as timeless masterpieces.

(2) Sophisticated design that can be loved for a long time
The classic and timeless universal design with a traditional design is also attractive. As a jewelry watch full of elegance, it beautifully decorates women’s hands and is active in a wide range of scenes regardless of whether it is on or off.

(3) Affordable and accessible value price
The “Classic Art Deco” collection, which was born in 2005, including the “Classic Carré” collection, which has a modern rectangle case, is beautiful and functional, but the price range of around 100,000 yen ~ 300,000 yen is also a reason for its popularity.

NEWS a group of different sized and shaped bullets

2023 Classic Carré Campaign

Between November 17, 2023 (Friday) ~ January 10, 2024 (Wednesday), customers who purchase a “Classic Carré Ladies” watch (*Art Deco Carré) at an authorized “Frédéric Constant” dealer (participating stores only) will receive a replacement strap. The color can be selected from white, beige, and black. Manipulate the impression at hand by arranging the strap!

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a room with a glass wall and a counter with objects on it

Frédéric Constant opens Japan’s first boutique in Ginza!

To commemorate the 35th anniversary of Frédéric Constant, Japan’s first flagship store opened in Ginza Six. The store, which expresses a classical and elegant world view, offers beautiful and functional timepieces unique to Swiss made, as well as rare limited editions.

Frédéric Constant Boutique Tokyo
Address: 6-10-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo GINZA SIX 1F CITIZEN FLAGSHIP STORE TOKYO
tel. 03-6263-9987
Business hours: 10:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.


Frederick Constant Consultation Office 0570-03-1988

“Frederick Constant” official website


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