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【 Easy to write loose leaf dull color assortment 】

In recent years, in response to the fact that many people have been coordinating stationery in their favorite color, we will release a dull color loose leaf that can be coordinated with the paper in the binder.

We selected five colors to color our daily lives: greige, light green, ice green, blue lavender, and mauve purple.

The border uses a white grid that enhances the color of the text. Use it in combination with a sharpener or dull colored pen to enhance the nuances of color.

Color comparison when writing with a dull colored pen.

It brings out the nuances of color more.

(Left: Easy-to-write loose-leaf 5mm graph /

Right: Loose-leaf dull color greige for easy writing)

【 Easy-to-write loose leaf 3mm graph border 】

Perfect for people who write small letters, this loose-leaf with a 3mm graph border. The borders are thin and light gray that makes it easy to read ink even with a fine ballpoint pen. The assertiveness of the borders is modest, so they do not interfere with the letters you write when you look back.

【 Maruman Loose Leaf 】

Maruman Loose Leaf is a long-selling loose leaf that Maruman has been selling since 1968. Marumann’s original paper of 80g/㎡ is used, which was made with attention to ease of writing. Because it is thick, it has a comfortable smooth writing feel like a cushion and does not slip out even with a fountain pen.

■Product Overview

Name: Easy to write loose leaf dull color assortment

Borders: 5mm graph border

Part Number: (B5)L1232-99・(A5)L1332-99・(Mini)L1445-99

Price: (B5) 440 yen (tax included), (A5) 407 yen, (mini) 352 yen

Number of sheets: (B5/A5) 60 sheets, 12 sheets of each color

      (Mini) 100 sheets 20 sheets of each color

Color: Greige, Light Green, Ice Green,

   Blue lavender, mauve purple


  Distributor: Stationery store

Name: Easy to write loose leaf 3mm graph border

Borders: 3mm grid

Part No.: (A4)L1114・(B5)L1214・(A5)L1314・(Mini)L1444

Price: (A4) 396 yen (tax included), (B5) 275 yen, (A5) 253 yen, (mini) 297 yen

  Number of sheets: (A4/B5/A5) 50 sheets 

  (Mini) 100 sheets

  URL:  https://www.e-maruman.co.jp/lp/maruman-loose-leaf/

  Distributor: Stationery store

About Creative Support Company maruman

We are a stationery manufacturing and sales company that has been particular about “paper” since its founding, and aims to provide services that make all people creative as a “Creative Support Company”. Founded in 1920 by the first Koichi Iguchi in Kanda, Tokyo. With the desire to “enable children to draw their dreams to the fullest,” we started manufacturing and selling sketchbooks for learning. This desire has not changed from the time of our founding to the present, and we are developing paper products that expand infinite ideas starting from “writing” and “drawing”. In this way, many long-selling brands such as “pattern sketchbooks” and “croquis books” were sent out to the world, and they continue to be loved even today. We will celebrate our 100th anniversary in 2020 and will continue to expand our business in the future.

■Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/e.maruman/ ★ Learn how to use various notes

Company name: Maruman Corporation
Location: 2-36-12 Chuo, Nakano-ku, Tokyo
Representative: President & CEO Yasuhiro Iguchi
Founded: 1920 (Taisho 9)
Line of Business: Manufacture and sale of sketchbooks, notebooks, binders, loose leaves, etc., import and sale of art supplies Japan distributor of Canson, Japan agent of Lila

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