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Electric screwdriver “DUKA-E1”
Rooting purchase service Makuake
Product sales page>>https://www.makuake.com/project/duka-e1/

〈Lightweight design〉


The main body weighs only 60g, an ultra-lightweight design that separates from the electric screwdriver. It has a slim body that can be gripped like a pen and boasts a sharp grip.

〈25 types of steel bits included〉

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25 bits included! You can easily disassemble precision equipment such as PCs, smartphones, and cameras.

〈Manual × electric〉


The rotation speed is as low as 210 r/min. Since it can be tightened stably, it is recommended for use with fine equipment. You can also use it manually, so you can tighten and fine-tune the finishing as you like!

【About Makuake’s support purchase】
This product is a limited sale product of the support purchase service Makuake. For support purchases, a great discount price is set on a limited quantity on a first-come, first-served basis.
Product details and purchase >>https://www.makuake.com/project/n9/
Price: 8,580 yen (tax included) ⇒ Limited to the first 50 people[Super early bird discount 30% OFF]5,980 yen (tax included) ~

Sales period: April 3, 2023 ~ May 23, 2023 until 6pm
Target amount: 200,000 yen


Battery: 300mAh
Speed: 210r/min
Unit weight: 309g
Driver Net Weight: 60g
Electric torque: 0.2N-m
Voltage: 3.7V
25 different S2 steel bits

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【Company Profile】
Representative: President & CEO Yoshimichi Banba
Head Office: 〒590-0012 Osaka, Sakai-shi, Sakai-ku, Asakayama-cho 3-9-11
Established: April 3, 2019
Line of Business: E-commerce business, crowdfunding business, EC shop management agency business
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