First unveiling of the new round-eyed “FR sports car”! Announcement of the “final model” equipped with a high-power “V8 engine”! Japan exclusive … – Automotive News

Cornes Motors, an authorized dealer of Bentley, has announced that it will release three Bentley models in a special limited edition “CORNES 60th Edition”.

The last “monumental” model of a pure gasoline engine!

On May 28, 2024, Cornes Motors, an authorized Bentley dealer, unveiled the CORNES 60th Edition, a special limited edition car to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Bentley’s business in Japan.

What are the characteristics of this special edition car?

The new round-eyed The new round-eyed “FR Sport” is unveiled for the first time!

Bentley is a British luxury and sports car manufacturer.

Its origins date back to 1919, and from 1924 to 1930, it won the 24 Hours of Le Mans five times, making a name for itself in motor sports, and as a high-performance sports car manufacturer, it gained high support from wealthy people around the world.

Currently, it has joined the Volkswagen Group in Germany and is one of the brands responsible for high-end models.

The special edition car that Bentley has added this time is a monumental Japan limited edition model that is the last pure gasoline model equipped with a V8 engine, which Bentley tailored exclusively for Cornes.

In 1964, Cornes signed an agreement with Bentley’s authorized importer and sole distributor, and since 2000 has contributed to the expansion of Bentley’s sales and the spread of the brand image as an authorized dealer. This long-standing partnership was highly appreciated, and this special model was created.

As a feature, the pinstripes that incorporate Bentley’s latest trend, a one-point color, are arranged on the interior and exterior, and this unique interior and exterior coordination further enhances the value of the limited model.

Other special features common to all models include the 60th Edition bespoke interior, accent color split line on the front fascia panel exclusive to the 60th Edition, embroidered emblem exclusive to the 60th Edition, scuff plate exclusive to the 60th Edition, cushions embroidered with the 60th Edition emblem, and 60th Edition It features 22-inch, 10-spoke wheels in Colored Styling Specification, Blackline Specification, and Black Paint Specification.

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The special edition will be available in three models: the large sports coupe “Continental GT” (10 units), the large convertible “Continental GTC” (4 units), and the sporty large saloon “Flying Spur” (4 units), and a total of only 18 units will be produced.

The vehicle price (including consumption tax) is 42.5 million yen for the Continental GT CORNES 60th Edition, 45.5 million yen for the Continental GTC CORNES 60th Edition, and 38.5 million yen for the Flying Spur CORNES 60th Edition, and deliveries are scheduled to start in June 2024.

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